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Thermaltake cpu cooler announced

Thermaltake has been showcasing its latest products at its Expo 2020, all of which are hosted digitally online in response to the coronavirus. Although we may not be able to get close to these products at this time, the products Thermaltake has shown so far are impressive.

However, if you missed the latest update, don't worry, we have all the latest information and the latest products will be released here. Take a look at the announcement below!

Thermaltake announced the upcoming AH T200 release, which is a new PC case after the T600 release, although the version is smaller. If you're interested in the case Thermaltake describes as their first "military-inspired" design, but want to wait for the case to get smaller, then this is probably your choice. The

is available in two different colors (black and "snow white"). The case is a miniature version of the T600, with the same AirForce-style design and 3mm tempered glass, making the appearance more seamless. In terms of functions, you can expect one typec interface, one high definition audio interface, two USB 3.0 interfaces, and one standard high definition audio interface. Users can choose to install four 140mm fans on the front and top. of the fuselage. The case or the 280mm radiator in the front of the case.

is enough for a case of this size, if this is not enough, then it may interest you to know that due to the modular design of the case, users can patch and modify the case according to their own preferences, making it an excellent one. Non-traditional compact chassis is worthy of attention. The

Tower 100 is another smaller form factor version of another popular chassis, this time it is a smaller version of the full Tower 900 chassis. If you are a Tower 900 fan but are concerned about saving space, then this is another situation you must. consider.

Similarly, the chassis will be available in black and white colors, including support for miniITX motherboards and support for connections, including a Type-C connection, two USB 3.0 ports, and an HD audio port. Similar to the AH T200, but with a different design, compared to the AH T200, minimalists may be happier.

It is also made of three 4mm tempered glass panels, all of which can be removed (the top panel is also possible) for easy access to your PC for simple upgrades and repairs. Although there is no room for customization or modification like the AH T200 in this case, you can be sure that there are many space-conscious builders who have set their sights on this elegant and simple situation.

Going back to the unconventional chassis types that appeared during Thermaltake Expo 2020. If you are a fan of mid-tower chassis, then the Distrocase 350P is definitely a product worth paying attention to.

installs the entire PC on one Distro board. The Distrocase 350P is not only equipped with 48 fully programmable LED lights as standard, it is also equipped with "own water channels, reservoirs and multiple inlets and outlets" for the builder to customize and create their own cooling and circulation system. of water as needed, providing more customizable cooling options than other mid-tower enclosures. If you want to build an impressive gaming team, this will be very beneficial.

is a true open frame case, Distrocase 350P will be equipped with 5mm tempered glass on one side and on the front and back to fully show the interior of your PC and the embedded LED system of the case.

In addition to the chassis, PC gamers and enthusiasts will be happy to know that Thermaltake is looking to launch new power options under the Toughpower brand. These different power supplies will be available in 650W, 750W, and 850W variants, rated 80 plus platinum, and can provide up to 92 ° efficiency under real world conditions. Something quite impressive. What is even more impressive is that the new design of these PSUs does not allow heat to accumulate at the bottom of the equipment, but rather due to the repositioning of the PCB and the use of a 120mm hydraulic system, allowing air cold pass directly through the bearing fan. However, if you are concerned about noise, don't worry, because these devices can make zero noise when operating at 20% or less of their capacity. good material. If you're looking for viable, good-performing PSUs, check them out when they launch in late June.

now begins to cool down. What may attract the attention of most PC gamers is the new Floe RC CPU and AIO memory liquid cooler. What are the benefits of this cooler? Well, the 240mm radiator is connected to the pump head and the memory container, and then the memory interconnects with the pump head again. We'll have to wait and see how its features will pay off, but it's a good idea, very promising, and it looks great.

Another announcement came in the form of a Toughram reveal, but you can read all of our thoughts on Toughram in our in-depth review. Of course, this is not all that Thermaltake revealed during his conference; you can watch the full video on Youtube to learn more about all the different peripherals they demonstrated here.

Otherwise, contact us tomorrow to learn about other new products at Thermaltake 2020 and what they mean for the future of PC building.

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