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There are many names for thermal paste, which may be why many people consider thermal paste and thermal paste as two different types of thermal interface materials. However, these names are not limited to fats and pasta. They are also called thermal grease, heat conductive glue, heat conductive gel, heat sink compound, heat conductive compound, thermal interface material, CPU grease, the list is endless. thermal grease What are all the arguments?

They are all the same, but the brand and type of thermal paste / thermal paste are different, and the composition and effect are completely different. Our best thermal paste review,

, better explains the performance differences of the 5 brands. There is no difference between

thermal paste and thermal paste. However, you can find 3 types of TIM or thermal interface materials on the market: metal-based TIM, ceramic-based TIM, and silicon-based TIM.

Below is a list of its advantages and disadvantages.

Now that you know what makes each TIM different from each other, let's look at our personal choices. The silicon-based TIM

defined in the table is a TIM that is usually in stock. It's not the best performing TIM, but as long as it's used frequently it should be able to get the job done right. For overclocking purposes, it is recommended to use one of our best options.

Below is a chart showing temperature readings in idle state and load state. You can see that the temperature output varies not only by TIM type, but also by brand.

You can also find heating mats on the market. Although they are easy to install, the fact that they do not perform well in terms of heat conduction makes the thermal paste better. In most cases, you can find them on stock or pre-built computers.

You may have discovered this name by accident. Thermal tape is different from thermal paste and grease. Use these types of thermal stickers to hold the chipset and heatsink together.

Use this option only if you know what you are doing. The circuit may not have a pin or locking mechanism installed. Therefore, now is a good time to consider using thermal tape to secure the heat sink and the circuit together.

Thermal paste, thermal paste, thermal paste, heat sink, thermal paste-they are all the same. It all boils down to choosing the best, which makes a big difference in keeping low temperatures.

If necessary, thermal paste can be used instead of thermal paste. Before making any purchase, be sure to check the product that best suits your needs.

Don't forget to check how to apply the thermal paste to the CPU to make it correct and get the ideal temperature.

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