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The witcher 3 next gen update announced

Witch 3: All DLCs and Wild Hunting and two large expansions are directed to the change of nintendence by the end of 2019. Nintendo was announced between E3 Direct Showcase.

Harbor is a witch 3: full version of wild hunting, based on the heart, complete 16 DLC and the heart of the expansion of stones and blood and wine.

Witcher 3: Wild hunting should be a certain amount of visual reduction to meet the power of less switch processing, compared to other consoles and platform platforms above the power. It is attractive to make sure that Saber Interactive (the study behind the port) is in a close collaboration with the CD Project Network, and is attractive to verify a technical sense while departing from the game experience. En.

The expected resolution and the speed of paintings are a great question mark at this point. Unfortunately, the packing of the trailer of the presentation was not very intelligent, since it was not possible to show the video of the sustainable switching game. The Nintendo store captured by the switch has several screenshots, and the most prominent difference is a significant scale of the character texture and details. The advertisement

defines the CD Projekt Red's Cordinated Keanu Reeves and Cyberpunk 2077 E3, but the player who now consume Libya Gerics with them using content of more than 150 hours of content available can. It's good at all.

CD Projekt Red confirmed the witch 3 3: The full version of Wild Hunt-complete is available in digital format and in physical format. The latest Vitcher Universe compandium, exuberant, full color map, and several stickers.

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