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It seems like it was a few years ago, because everyone is playing Candy Crush Saga on their phones. It has become a game and a cultural phenomenon. Its developer, Italian Riccardi Zacconi, was included in the "Sunday Times" list of rich people with a staggering $ 585 million.

is all from a match 3 style puzzle game, its format has been around for decades.

appeared at the right time for the beginning of the App Store, not only benefiting Zacconi's bank account, but also appearing to benefit the mental health of gamers, as shown in the recent WePC survey on games and mental health.

A survey of almost 600 Americans found that 32% of them said that the type of puzzle, especially "Candy Crush Saga", had a positive impact on their mental health.

This is a staggering statistic, perhaps further emphasizing that games that can stretch people's minds and focus their attention can work in ways that are not immediately obvious.

Although many people who responded that they get a positive boost from the game mainly focus on playing single player games, the FPS behemoth Call of Duty is the second most popular game, and when people say they think the game is good for mental health.

In fact, 26% of respondents who experienced positive improvements believe that Call of Duty is the game they play the most.

Read the full WePC survey here.

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