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The lightest gaming mice

The new 8K holographic display is now available for purchase at Looking Glass Factory. The company's progress in the field of immersive holographic displays made its debut in 2018. Two years later, the 8K business model is ready. For medical imaging, surveying and mapping, automotive, construction and engineering, the Looking Glass 8K display provides an incredible level of detail, ideal for computer graphics, visualization, and content creation.

Thelooking Glass stated that applications such as exploring 3D molecular structures, experiential marketing and immersive three-dimensional storytelling will benefit from this technology. Among existing customers, Looking Glass already includes Intel, Disney, Microsoft, Verizon, GE, and Vimeo.

On the surface, it is "the largest and highest resolution holographic display in the world"; here we have a 32-inch screen, 33.2 million pixels, 1.07 billion count color gamut, 60Hz refresh rate, and proprietary 45-element horizontal parallax light field , 45 different three-dimensional perspectives can be realized from multiple angles. It can accommodate 12 people, a 4050-degree field of view, a viewing distance of 2 to 30 feet, 8K resolution, full-color real stereo 3D scenes, real-time 60 frames per second and holographic images, without earphones.

In addition, it has two DisplayPort inputs, one USB TypeB input, and audio line output. The input resolution is 7680px x 4320px, and the size is 28.9” (W) x 16.7” (H) x 4” (D).

is amazing Surprisingly, given this technology, the requirements are relatively moderate, and only Intel Core i5 CPU, 4GB RAM and GeForce GTX 1060 GPU are needed to power 8K holographic displays.

Although Thelooking Glass has not announced the price yet, interested parties can visit the company Request a quote on the website. This shows that for clients outside of large corporate organizations, our starting price will be very high and prohibitive.

As for the gaming potential of the monitor, it is not yet suitable for use, especially when it is almost impossible to run games at 8K on current consumer hardware. However, it provides players with a tantalizing insight.

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