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The legend of zelda breath of the wild e3 2019 sequel announced

While we all hope that the next chapter in the story will appear in the form of the sequel to the game Breath of the Wild, this doesn't mean we're still not very excited to see the 1993 classic Link's Awakening rebooted. After

was announced at E3 2019, we got confirmation of the game's release date: September 20, 2019. The release date is so close, this time we can't wait to get back to updated graphics, new content and the perfect touch of nostalgia in the classic story. The new graphics are very cute and very much in line with the style of the Nintendo Switch. The home screen of the original game was impressive in green and black, so updating it to full color gave me several sensations. Check out the game trailer below.

Players who can't wait for September, can pre-order the game now. There is even a "Dreamer Edition", which is basically a special edition of the game with a fancy name. Due to the beautiful accompanying art book, it is out of stock in some stores. Click the link below to get a copy of the game before it's too late.

The Legend of Zelda: Link`s Awakening US Preorder

The Legend of Zelda: Link`s Awakening UK Preorder

In terms of gameplay, this is almost what you expect from the new Zelda game. It looks very similar to A Link between Worlds and incorporates some 2D parts that really inspire nostalgia. However, one of the most important aspects is the addition of a dungeon creator, aptly named Chamber Dungeons. It appears that players will be able to collect new dungeon blocks throughout the game to combine them into their own layouts. This is an interesting addition to the game and it should bring some interesting gameplay.

Retains the top-down style of the original game, but we now accept more beautiful and exquisite graphics. It feels like a classic Zelda game, carefully updated to match the newer consoles we have. This has always been one of the strangest games in the series, mainly because we are in a whole new field. This is not Hellaru, guys. In Koholinte Island, we will meet a series of new characters, monsters and landscapes. Not to mention that there is a huge egg on top of the volcano.

Surprisingly, this new version of the game is almost exactly the same as the original version. So far, the map we have seen perfectly matches the GameBoy version, and all functions are in the same location. They even kept some design elements unchanged while updating the graphics. The flowers are still in pairs, and some textures return to the old-school style in our memory. We can only assume that the story and the puzzle are the same. For long-term Zelda fans, this makes for a true memory trip.

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