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The last of us 2 release

Our latest fanatics are not enthusiastic about the next sequel. He also won many of our stories and characters and his own and look back on his own games to try again.

Our latter was launched with PlayStation 3. In 2013, return to PlayStation 3 and the resale version has been launched for PlayStation. However, some people are using the RPCS3 PlayStation 3 emulator to run the game on your PC and publish a comparison with YouTube.

To give you a small background information, the RPCS3 emulator is a software that Emula PlayStation 3 so that the PS3 or PS4 games can be executed on the PC.

This is the best way to experience some of the best game stations.

The Youtube channel "Illusion" has published a PS4 VS graphics comparison video. RPCS3 that can be grabbed. As you can see in Video

, the RPCS3 version of the graph is much clearer and bright than the PS4 version. These versions were executed in the same resolution and were captured in unrelated recording methods. This video is loaded at 1440p at higher bit rates. Of course

, are both versions do it as for you? Similar comparisons will be interesting to see if similar comparisons will be made in the sequel to our last part II. This new title is released at the end of this week and you can wait for it to run!

What do you think of the RPCS3 version? Which do you like? We are going to let your ideas in the comment.

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