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After such a crazy popular first part, it's no wonder that we will get a sequel in the form of The Last of Us Part II. The first game successfully achieved a perfect balance between intense gameplay and combat functions, and the story immersed you in it. It is hailed as a masterpiece of the game by fans and critics.

The news of "The Last of Us 2" has been complicated in recent years, and we have to see a lot of progress in the game and the story. But when it comes to the release date, the creator of Naughty Dog has always been mysterious.

Since its first announcement on the Playstation Experience in 2016, we've been holding our breath and waiting for a reliable release date that we can mark on the calendar. But even though we have now entered 2019, we still haven't.

This doesn't mean we haven't updated, and we're very good at guessing the release date here. Given that Death Stranding, another great Playstation game, occupied the final release period of 2019, it appears that the release date for The Last of Us 2 will drop sometime in 2020.

As far as we know, the game will be released on PS4 But if we're considering a 2020 release date, we might even get a cross-platform version of the PS5, which is also scheduled to release that year. Update

: At Sony's September State of Play event, we finally got what we have been waiting for-a definite release date! The official release date of The Last of Us Part II is February 21, 2020. Update

: Naughty Dog announced on Twitter that the release date has been postponed to May 29, 2020 due to the feeling that the game is not up to standard. If they continue to release it in February.

Since the initial release of the game, we have a lot of things that are trailers. Naughty Dog is very generous and provided us with various game previews and story trailers so that we can spend the long wait.

The first trailer was released in 2016 when the original game was released on Playstation Experience. We first saw the new and darker world of The Last of Us Part II. Although the trailer didn't show us any gameplay, we did introduce ourselves to the general theme of the game: hatred and revenge. And while the creators say there will be more relaxing moments in the game, these are the main focus of the second part.

The second trailer is another non-game perspective, showing the dark world of this game. It highlights the conflict between humans and is completely cruel. It seems that the warring factions will become an important part of the story. Chapter

Be careful this trailer is graphical and bloody.

Next, let’s take a look at a part of the game through the trailer shown at E3 2018. We saw a sweet scene at the beginning, which seemed to be a short respite for Ellie. However, soon, we will dive into the forest, crawl over the enemies and kill them cleverly. Since Ellie is the main playable character this time around, the focus of the battle is not hitting, but stealth attacks and long-range combat.

On Sony's "State of Play", we saw "The Last of Us 2" again. This time, we saw more stories and the reasons behind Ellie's killer call in the trailer above. It seemed her lover was killed in front of her, prompting her need for revenge. But more importantly, we didn't just get the release date, we also saw Joel back!

The Last of Us Part II took place five years after the original, and pay more attention to Ellie as the protagonist. He is now 19 years old. Not only has the cast of characters matured, but the evil they have to face has also matured. The infected now look smarter, more coordinated, and more deadly than ever before. It looks like they can now communicate with each other and look for Ellie while hiding, which creates a very stressful moment for us as gamers.

Combat has also changed slightly, and now we have a different protagonist to use. The first difference is that Ellie can jump. This should open up some interesting combat situations and make the world of The Last of Us 2 more explorable than before. Also, Ellie is not a strong melee fighter like Joel. She didn't make a strong fist, but she did possess secret knives and archery skills.

One thing that has not changed from the original is the importance of the story in the game. The reason that makes this game stand out is that we can easily delve into the world of Joel and Ellie, as well as the fascinating performances of protagonists Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson. The story seems to be much darker than the original and pays more attention to the antagonistic relationship between the human characters of this world. Alice, who vowed revenge, seemed to set the tone for this work.

It seems we have to wait a bit before we finally continue the story of Ellie and Joel. If you haven't played "The Last of Us," you still have time, but let's get started, because you don't want to miss out on this sequel.

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