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Paul McNally picked out a few bones from the Nvidia 3080 graphics card released last week, and looked for a way, when we missed the first day of purchase, we can't be disappointed forever.4 444 There are two product launches. Those who succeeded and irritated the most important people, the potential customers. Last week RTX 3080-equipped Nvidia was on various levels, so to speak, almost becoming the world's heavyweight champion of the first.

The launch of the highly anticipated RTX 3080 GPU is hailed as the future of PC gaming. This product ensures once again that the next generation of game consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X) are once again behind the trend in cutting-edge technology.

Few articles began to announce the death of PC games, because consoles finally caught up with and surpassed their nerdy big brother, Nvidia held a press conference, basically saying, "Have my beer."

Success is guaranteed thereafter. The hour is counted down. Almost all known PC users and bloggers uploaded their unboxing video at the same time during the embargo. They are not allowed to put the card in a real PC and show it, no, it is absurd to think that this would be useful. Nvidia used an iron fist to control the launch of the most anticipated PC suite of a generation.

Then it went on sale. A little. I mean it did. You can't really buy one. Not without a lot of luck. When the current band launches a new tour and sold out within three minutes, it is almost like a transcript of the stories you hear in the media.

is a good title, but the more sinister reality is that long before humans choose our seats, automated robots and scalping algorithms will find good things. Has something similar happened to the RTX 3080? This theory is of course prevalent on Twitter. Google this card, with the word bot after it, is ready for a long talk about retailers and Nvidia. Yes, I know you can type anything in the search box on Twitter and be welcomed with abusive diatribes about someone or something, but maybe there is a point here. And there are a lot of angry people, many of whom list themselves as Nvidia fans.

Nvidia, unlike Sony, Oculus, and the soon-to-be Microsoft company, does not pre-order the card. Most retailers do not. They know inventory will be low and supply will exceed demand, but they still double down on retailers.

Twitter ads from retailers abound, encouraging shoppers to use PayPal credit to distribute card payments they may not receive for weeks or even months. Who won there? Retailers get funds from PayPal, and Paypal ties its credibility to another poor fool who couldn't afford to buy things in the first place. Customer-yes, sorry my friend, out of stock, we will notify you when there is a delivery date.

Many websites, including Nvidia, have set up a small box on the Internet, where you can enter your email address and immediately receive a notification card to start selling. People who measure this on Twitter say that the item went from "notify me" to "out of stock" in less than 2 seconds.

I now have a fast internet connection, but I am not sure if I can complete the checkout quickly. Of course not after drinking beer.

Although there may not be an active pre-order this time, the strategies used by the two companies are basically the same. Create greater demand than the product, and expect people to literally kill themselves in an attempt to catch you and see how the cash arrives.

This is equivalent to the first online version of Black Friday, and everyone is trying to get a cheap TV. Except for this, the robot saw everyone skipping each other while they bought all the stocks themselves.

Some online retailers, such as NewEgg, are strongly opposed to < in fact, Terminator bought the best parts.

Let's analyze your tweet:

For those who want RTX 3080 GPU, here is some information:

Yes, please

We have

more traffic this morning than Black Friday morning. Oh, exciting. I told you it will be very popular. Hope you have enough inventory or at least some way to ensure that real people can buy it.

Limited inventory is sold out in 5 minutes.

Why not say how much you have instead of tweeting constantly during the preparation phase? Keep pressing F5, you say?

As we get more, we will release more


Robot protection is in place, the order is human

Every card you have has been completed and reviewed by a real person within five minutes? I need five minutes to find my credit card at 6 am.

Turn on push notifications and check again

I think I'll leave it until everyone stops being stupid, thanks.

Nvidia realized that they were now attacking the flaw on behalf of all retailers and their own online stores, so they released a statement.

"To stop bots and resellers in the NVIDIA store, we are doing everything we can, including manual order review, to deliver these cards to legitimate customers." Chapter

The Horse's Hoof Gets Angry

When someone is building a defense, the resellers have bought all the shares and are busy reselling them on eBay for thousands of dollars ... remember

supply. Every time they release a new iPhone, they try to get people to camp out on the streets all over the world, but it seems to have won a friendly competition. People join the queue for news, and there is always a relatively interesting story that one person missed the poor boy.

appears to be using this strategy more aggressively recently, in some cases getting pre-order support when there is a large amount of inventory on hand. As the cool kids claim, pre-orders will be played based on fear of missing out or FOMO, but this is all illusory. However,

FOMO is real. told us, "FOMO is not just the feeling that you could do better things right now, but also the feeling that you missed the fundamentally important things that other people are experiencing now. A study by

Psychiatry Research found that fear of getting lost Has to do with increased use of smartphones and social media, and this connection has nothing to do with age or gender.

Nowhere is this more obvious and bizarre than pre-ordering digital versions of video games. t there really can be exhausted first.

I had a "discussion" with my 10 year old son last week because he wanted me to reserve FIFA 21 for him about four weeks before launch. Their reasoning: if you book, you will get it as soon as you check out.

My con is that for the next four weeks, the $ 70 in my pocket is better than Electronic Arts, because he can get it ASAP even if I don't make a reservation. He has hardly spoken to me since.

Why do people want to reserve things? This is not true. If there is such a limited operation, I understand it from the customer's perspective "I must own that", but I think it is up to the company to protect them from unscrupulous internet scammers at the expense of a loyal consumer base. For the price.

Actually, they don't seem to care. As long as they can say it was sold out in 1.2 nanoseconds, this is a win for the marketing department, damn the real people, damn, this is not right. Throughout.

In recent years, the concert ticket industry has come under scrutiny for suspicious behavior. If this nonsense continues, companies closest to our areas of interest should better prepare for the same.

Perhaps Apple has been so successful in achieving the magic, rather than annoying customers who missed it, because as the primary distributor of its products, it can maintain control and adjust expectations when necessary.

Nvidia discovered last week that retailers also see it as an opportunity to mislead customers by raising prices above the MRP level and basically lifting the middle finger at people when collecting money. Nvidia is not only out of stock, but also due to its zero-control salesperson behavior, which leads to poor PR.

Apple will never deal with them again. Is Nvidia tough enough to investigate and punish those who are obviously wrong? Or are you willing to let your marketing department pat you on the back, go out for a drink after get off work, and look forward to a replay when the RTX 3090 is released this week, and the RTX 3070 will follow next month? One thing is certain about

. A few weeks before AMD released its rival graphics cards, three bad releases and tens of thousands of annoying customers were not good.

This will continue to happen, and we continue to want all moments available. Prices will continue to increase artificially, robots and dealers will take everything from us and move into the big house in the Cayman Islands, and it serves us well. Chapter

My message to you, save mankind... Don't try to buy things on the first day, it cost us a lot of money! Before that, I will see you in the queue of Xbox Series X

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