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If you, like us, like to browse the hardware list on the weekends and expect to find novelty options, you will love this article. We decided to put together what we thought was the final PSU hierarchy. I know, exciting stuff.

We divide the list into specific levels with different levels of efficiency, safety and power output. We started with the most sought after PSU and then gradually found the last option with the biggest budget.

We will continue to update this list when future power supplies become available. Therefore, please continue to pay attention to this to understand the fairness of the new hardware options to the old company.

PSU stands for power supply unit, it almost exactly matches what it says on the tin. It is the component that draws power from the wall socket and delivers it to the rest of the system. Every component of your building is connected to a power source, or a component connected to a power source, and gets energy from it. Chapter

What is the Power Supply Rating? How important are they?

This is a good question because not many people fully understand the importance of PSU ratings, or even what they mean. We have a full article on the subject, which you can find here. But for those who want a short answer, the power supply rating refers to the safety and efficiency of the power supply.

High Efficiency refers to the energy the power supply draws from the wall compared to the energy it provides to your computer.

For example, if the power supply draws 650 W of power from the wall, but only supplies 400 W of power to your computer, the efficiency of the power supply is not very high. It also mentions the safety of the power supply. For example, compared to over 80 Bronze PSUs, Titanium PSUs are less likely to fail.

Ultimately, the rating of your power supply is very important and should be considered before making any purchase.

The following is the complete PSU hierarchy. We have categorized all power supplies to make it easier to compare different options.

Let's start with the best: the

power supply in the A + / A layer is by far the most reliable and efficient power supply in this list. Almost all power supply units of this level have a rating of more than 80 platinum or titanium. They all have outstanding features, power range and build quality, reflecting their impressive price tag. Downgrading

to Class B will still provide you with power options with a large amount of power output and excellent reliability. You will also experience a sharp drop in prices. The A + / A level power supply is more suitable for PC enthusiasts running multiple GPUs, while the B level power supply is more suitable for the best gaming computers.

If you want to build a decent gaming rig with multiple high-end components, then a class B power supply may be your best option. The

Tier C Power Supply is best suited for most mainstream gamers who want a functional build with reliable components. The power supply of this layer provides good power, good energy efficiency and reasonable price.

When we hit the D floor, we started to approach the less recommended but still available power supplies that are currently occupying the market. These power supply units fall into the category of "work but do not provide any functionality".

The efficiency level of these power supplies will naturally suffer, but nothing is too crazy. The PSUs in this layer still serve their purpose, but they are much less ideal than the other options mentioned above.

We finally reached level E, or as I like to call it, you buy at your own risk. All budget power supply units can be found here.

Whether you're a PC enthusiast or gamer, these PSUs are sure to make you sweat just looking at them. Choosing one of them does not have to involve great risks, but you are limiting the components and capabilities that your compilation can achieve.

For me, I would avoid it. But anyway, they are here!

is like that, the entire PSU hierarchy and its glory. Choosing the one that best suits your needs may be a complicated process, but hopefully this list will make this task easier. Some things to keep in mind when

is considering purchasing a new power supply are as follows:

Answering these questions before purchasing a new power supply will make the whole process a lot easier in the end.

Have we missed any power supplies that you think are worth our grade? If so, please leave us a message in the section below and we will add it to the list.

We created a PSU calculator tool to help you find the perfect PSU for your setup.

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