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The big news from realms deep

Given that E3 has not been held this year, and all major players in the gaming industry have to adjust their plans to accommodate the cancellation of all physical events in the 2020 schedule, Gamescom may be ready to take a bigger step. E3 was completely cancelled, but Gamescom switched to an online-only format, and for their streaming opening night live events, they have a lot of game announcements and trailers to show off. A preview hosted by the dark prince Kyle Bosman of Nerd Media, and a main show hosted by the professional and indifferent Geoff Keighley (Geoff Keighley), they released a lot of new things we know The game trailer, the game we don't know about. We know that there are many other surprises.

Here are our top picks announced on Gamescom's first day:

This was first announced at Gamescom 2017, but now has a release date. Don’t wait too long, it will land on Steam on October 15th. This looks like a sprawling remake of the classic strategy game, with redesigned music and visual effects.

This year's new movie trailer for "Call of Duty" features iconic American war criminal Ronald Reagan as the lead and is presented in pinpoint detail. His role in this game appears to be to use the powers he was given as President of the United States to instruct soldiers to commit war crimes because there is a bad guy who threatens the "free world." To me, this sounds like a good premise for a fun hitting shooter game.

Another upcoming game is "Dust 5", the release date is set for October. Here we first look at the Playgrounds mode, there is a slope that can be skipped and some loops that make me feel a bit uncomfortable. It looks interesting, especially for a game that can be too serious at times.

This is the first time we've seen the upcoming Doom Eternal DLC. This story-based expansion is a continuation of the game's main plot, showing that your protagonist Doomguy is working hard to solve theological problems, as well as shotguns and plasma rifles.

EA provided us with a trailer for Bioware, showing that their team is developing a new Dragon Age game. No game screens are shown here, just some concept art shots, renderings of some locations, some technical demos, and some members of the development team talking about their ambitions for the new game. In fact, it reminds me of the trailer released by EA for their Star Wars game at E3 2016. Wait, some of these games have been canceled and the studio closed? Oh, I think it will be different.

Regarding the news that "Fall Guys" has successfully reached the sales threshold of 7 million units on Steam, we have seen the upcoming Season 2 update for the first time. The trailer shows some new costumes and levels in the game. The theme of this season is the Middle Ages, with castles and armors on display.

The excellent first little nightmare is a spooky action puzzle of the popular "little boy runs well while avoiding bad guys", and games like Limbo, Inside, and Never Alone. The sequel seems to continue this trend, and it seems to be increasing the scale and variety of settings. One thing to remember, I think.

We are still curious about what will happen. The game’s new livery will definitely help it show off its character in 2020, but it remains to be seen how this remake of the 2002 classic will redesign certain elements of the game and story. This trailer does a good job of re-introducing the characters and showing the exquisite scenes. We hope this remake will resonate with modern audiences.

This is probably the most compelling VR game on the horizon, and now HalfLife Alyx is out. Developer Respawn Entertainment is taking the formula from the classic World War II first-person shooter game and rethinking it for virtual reality. Some of the interactions you can have with the world and weapons here look great, and we can't wait to put headphones on our faces to get into this game.

We received three Star Wars announcements. Or this should be a trilogy.

First is the first correct observation of the Star Wars: Squadron single player game. This sounds great to me, and this is the first time that I hope it can be a worthy successor to the Rogue Squadron game. Unfortunately, from what we have seen, at least there are no planet-based missions. Part of me still thinks that it would not be a real Star Wars game without the Hoth level, but there are some great ones. At least the space station, so this is not just a battle between spaceships in an empty space.

The whole movie is legendary, but in Lego form. Assuming it is a faithful reproduction of the movie, I think we can expect a good trilogy, a prequel trilogy with incompetent production, almost falling into such a bad situation, and ending with a rough remake of the first work. Then came the interesting but flawed penultimate part and then with the last entry completely erased, so focused on trying to be the person everyone expected her to be, that she eventually forgot to do, say, or do anything important . Oh sorry, we are talking about video games. Perhaps the Lego format is the best way to experience Star Wars in the future. We can even glimpse the level of Hoth! Chapter

Didn't Expect This To Happen, The New Expansion

I have a description of the story behind this crossover, but if you do not ask many questions, it is likely that it is the best for the best. Honestly, many of this are lost to me, but fortunately, our resident professionals above all, Sims and Star Wars, Daniel saw more with caution this ad.

This strange platform on the meatball with two illuminated accessories is quite sponsored, and I think it's a bit interesting? In hand-drawn animation styles, we collect some strong David Cronenberg Bodyhora Biv. If you want to check it, I will do it in the steam now.

I had this for a while, and this new trailer does a wonderful job of selling the concept of the game. It is a simulation of the base of Voxelsed, Fisyshavy of abandoned set of buildings that must be invaded into a free-form destruction system. First, after planning your focus, you will go out and go after getting a job. It has a really fun visual style, and interaction for free gives a lot of margin for fun experiments. The cast behind the personnel behind the character of the character of the

12 minutes is the James Mcavoy (Xman, Split), Daisy Ridley (Star Wars), and Willem Dafee (Spiderman, Life Aquatic) to all the branches I lent my voice. A game of history that will be carried out for more than 12 minutes. The latest expansion of the world of Warcraft at

World of Warcraft now won the date of launch. It is with us on October 27, and now there are many times over time. This trailer gives us some kind of taste of the new location and enemies that may be against you.

These are the largest trailer of the open night Gamescom, which is a quite diverse alignment. What was the most stopped for you? We are notifying us in the comments of these Awing releases, you are the most excited.

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