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The big announcements from nacon connect

Last weekend, the folks at 3D Realms participated in their Inaugural Realms Deep conference as in 1999, showcasing a series of action-inspired retro video games. Most of the lineup consisting of what are affectionately or possibly mockingly called "Boomer Shooters," these first-person shooters evoke the tone and feel of early games in the genre, such as Doom and Quake. The event lasted for several days and you can view the entire streaming archive on their website, but for your convenience, we've highlighted some of the most viewed announcements and trailers here.

Trailers that focus entirely on the inventory system are generally not noteworthy, but most games don't have the notable inventory system like Gloomwood. This is a game that combines elements of the classic first-person stealth game Thief: The Dark Project and some more traditional elements of the shooter.

This inventory system is based on systems similar to the original Deus Ex, Resident Evil 4, and Zombie games. In these systems, you can see the visual effects of the actual briefcase on the screen and you must take a Tetris inventory to manage what items you can put there. Gloomwood goes one step further: it's not just a visual metaphor for a briefcase, but a briefcase is a physical game object that you interact with. When you interact with it, it produces mechanical clicks and hums. It's more of a nice aesthetic detail than something that will significantly change the gameplay, but from what we've seen elsewhere, this game is packed with stylish visuals.

As you can see at the end of the trailer, Fallen Aces is indeed a first-person shooter game, but for most of this video, they show the mechanics of a first-person fighting game. There are various moves, providing punches, kicks, stabs, and a number of melee weapons. I like to use the spirit of high resolution comic style for each character. This is a technology that many early 3D games used out of necessity. At that time, PCs could not handle 3D rendering environments other than 3D characters, so they used characters that looked like cardboard cutouts. However, in "Fallen Aces", they see it as a deliberate artistic choice. By designing these characters with expressive details and adding physics-based interactions and a large number of animation frames, they can look very good. The remote way uses this method... more expressive.

This is the first time we have seen the first-person fantasy action game Graven. In my opinion, it is very similar to the modern update of heresy and witchcraft formulas, where you enter a world of dark magic and mysterious creatures, and then kill the inside everything. You will use a combination of reliable crossbows, various magic and environmental elements to deal with these nightmarish creatures. In addition to this secret trailer, we also have a 30-minute raw demo of the game, which you can watch here.

This ad is a bit understated in the details, but it conveys some of the tone very well, and it feels like they're working hard. Core Decay is obviously inspired by games like System Shock and Deus Ex, featuring a futuristic sci-fi world filled with cybernetic enhancements and robotic enemies. There is an RPG system on top of the shooter mechanism. We saw a flash of hacking and other elements of immersive simulation, including of course a nod to the iconic keycode 0451, so your inspiration is clearly imprinted on its case.

Of course, we would like to learn more about Core Decay, and we hope the trailer chooses to highlight more than just fighting in the endgame, but this is definitely within our focus.

Nightdive Studios may be the masters in bringing classic PC games from the 90s to new audiences, they have produced excellent plays and re-releases. They participated in projects such as the recently re-released Doom 64, excellent remakes of Turok and Turok 2, and improved re-releases of System Shock and System Shock 2. We have received updates on some elements of the announcement, as well as some new announcements. The first news for

Nightdive is that they will be providing remake processing for the classic shooter Sin via Sin Reloaded, as well as a trailer, highlighting the large amount of work they have done to bring this game up to modern standards. It's undergoing a comprehensive visual overhaul, so it seems like the perfect way to revisit this game.

Then we made the first correct observation of Shadowman Remastered. They announced the news not long ago, but this is the most in-depth observation we've seen in practice, and this is another wonderful update. This has always been an interesting game, but it is difficult to revisit it in its original form. It combines elements of mystery and dark fantasy with modern settings, and in some ways it is way ahead of that era. It's one of the earliest examples of fictional black protagonists in video games, and it involves some beautiful adult themes. When this remake comes out, it will be interesting to visit it again.

A derivative work from the movie of the same name, adapted from Phillip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep ?, this classic adventure game is an interesting curiosity. This is a completely independent story, set in the same world, but time is not friendly with it, especially the original FMV scenes look very difficult these days. Night Dive uses various techniques to clean up the image quality of these cut scenes, including frame interpolation to make playback smoother and various refresh techniques to improve image resolution and clarity. This side-by-side comparison highlights the importance of these improvements. Chapter


It was completely reconstructed from scratches. This is destined to take the original world, the most relevant history and mechanics, and make it more modern standard. Here, look at the chewed cyberspace of the game created by computer simulation.

was the deepest news of the kingdom. As the 3D kingdom says they intend to be a repetitive annual event, we can see more interesting retroinspirate news for many years.

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