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The best xbox one gaming headsets

You may know the Nacon name more from game controllers and other accessory series, but since the organizational shakeup, Nacon is now the name used by the publisher officially called Bigben Interactive. Its successful peripheral equipment business has been linked to its games. Publication Merger

This publisher seems to be trying to make a place for itself, and in previous years, it may have a difficult time putting together a series of games to justify holding a dedicated exhibition each year.

Today, they held the first ever digital "Nacon Connect" event to showcase their next game lineup. You can watch the full video feed on Nacon's YouTube page, but here is our roundup of the top news from this event.

Not to be confused with Vampire: Masquerade: Lineage 2, this is a narrative-focused RPG that borrows from the same original desktop RPG. Here, you will play three different vampires, with unique background stories and skills, and explore the narrative from three different perspectives.

We saw a beautiful movie scene and heard that the game will be released sometime in 2021.

RaceWard is a new studio under Nacon, composed of many different developers who have experience in motorcycle game development and real-life motorcycles... In this game, your goal is Provide a very realistic simulation of a real-world bicycle race, and at the same time strive to make it available to new players.

has multiple options for customizing your bike and upgrading individual components. The

game will be released in the summer of 2021.

The following is a new work by developer Cyanide

, inspired by the witch trials in New England in the 17th century. You play as a demon and gather a team of evil characters to avenge your enemies. This is obviously a very dark subject, and they say these images are suitable for Gothic horror and are inspired by Tim Burton's work.

Its structure is similar to roguelike, with permanent death and high randomization in every execution of the game. The battle uses the classic turn-based RPG format, where you and different teammates will fight against hordes of enemies.

This is the new title for Spiders, and its last game, GreedFall, was a huge success. In Steelrising, they are more inclined to act directly than in previous games. This is a somewhat steampunk-style game set in Paris during the reign of Louis XIV. Also attaches great importance to exploration and side tasks. You play as a robot, trying to defeat an oppressive ruling class. Nacon Connect’s second

Cyanide game is a ridiculous-looking werewolf game, in the best way. We didn't hear many details, but they let the action do the talking. You play as a werewolf, you can destroy people and destroy things. I find it very interesting. Earthblood will be released on February 4, 2021.

The long awaited test drive is back, now managed by KT Racing. The physics engine is based on his work on the WRC racing series. In terms of licensed cars, they have confirmed that they will use Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bugatti cars in the game and provide a wide range of customization options for your character and outfit. The

game world will focus on an island, with various nooks and crannies to explore. They said if you can see a place, you can drive there.

has no release date yet, but more details will be shared soon.

This is a deck building game from Abrakam Studio with handmade and roguelike elements. This happened in the same world as his previous game Faeria, and many character classes are based on those that exist in Faeria. They worked with the creator of Magic: The Gathering, Richard Garfield, to help design the game. He is a coder.

Other small announcements include the news that they are cooperating with Microsoft to release authorized accessories for the upcoming Xbox Series X, they have a bunch of old games that are currently discounted on Steam, and some minor updates that have been released or are about to be released. The game is fast, but in general, I think this is a wide selection of different types of interesting games. Tell us in the comment section below which of these games you are interested in and what you would like to see more of.

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