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The best budget pc build for upcoming aaa games

Therefore, you have built a new gaming PC. Maybe you have bought a cheap gaming PC, or you have spent too much money, but in either case, you must complete the setup. Today, we are looking for the cheapest game settings to bring you a high-quality and low-cost gaming experience at a lower price.

If you spend a lot of time at your desk or plan to do so, then proper settings are imperative. If money is not an issue, or you are looking for a cheap game setup, there are many items to consider in terms of gamer space.

Let's review a few key areas to consider before buying, and then review product recommendations to create your new configuration.

As with all aspects of PC gaming, we need to understand some key areas first. Everyone’s settings are often different, and you may have more disposable income or want to enter the stream, so to ensure that you have the settings that best suit your needs when you leave, please read the following.

When it comes to completing an inexpensive gaming PC setup, many people already own a table and chair. So, with this in mind, we will quickly introduce you not only to play games, but also to make full use of their peripherals.

We are fortunate to test all the leading gaming mice to help us narrow the scope to the best gaming mice. However, this article is not just about the best, the budget is at the forefront of our selection process.

The bottom line of a good gaming mouse is that it must be accurate, reliable and comfortable. The good news now is that many gaming mice over $20 use high-precision optical sensors, which gives us very little opportunity to buy bugs. A comprehensive mouse option for cheap game settings is an essential Razer DeathAdder. Compared to the higher-quality DeathAdder V2, this mouse lacks features, but is equipped with one of the best mouse shapes in the world, high-quality components, and very accurate sensors. It's hard to get all of these for such a low price, which makes DeathAdder Essential a reliable option.

First of all, let's say any old keyboard will do, unless you really want it, don't throw away your old office keyboard for gaming keyboards, because this is a good place to save installation costs. That said, you might want to go for a mechanical keyboard with a weird RGB touch, and this is where our next pick comes in. The

Redragon K582 SURARA Mechanical Gaming Keyboard won't win any awards - it's budget-friendly after all, but it's robust and provides a responsive mechanical experience for gamers. Behind the panel is the red OUTEMU switch, which is almost the same as the Cherry MX Red switch, with linear and silent operation. Although they are advertised as quiet, you can expect some noise compared to membrane switches, but they require less force to activate, making them ideal for gaming and writing fun.

Without headphones, no one's game settings are complete, whether cheap or not. Of course, many people use speakers to play games, but most PC gamers need headphones. The headset is more convenient, can help immersion, and is obviously useful when playing multiplayer games.

When it comes to cheap gaming settings, we need to find a headset that can provide a great experience on a budget. This is an area where you should reinvest as much as possible, depending on the game you play. As many people know, audio equipment is a minefield. With all this in mind, we chose the cheap and reliable gaming headset Razer Kraken X Ultralight. This not only provides excellent sound at the price, but also has features that competitors can't provide. We saw 7.1 surround sound, a flexible cardioid microphone, and a lightweight and comfortable design.

Some people think that the mouse pad is not completely necessary, but we recommend that you always use the mouse pad with a gaming mouse, so that you can also get the additional benefits of its appearance. If you already have a table, or want a table larger than the table we recommend below, check out the XXL mouse pad for better game settings.

No matter what you think, game settings without a mouse pad are incomplete. Now everyone has different requirements for mouse pads, some like hard ones, and some like soft ones. We chose one of the most popular mouse pad products on the market, SteelSeries QcK gaming surface. Although it comes from a high-end brand, its price is competitive, although it is not the cheapest, its durability should be a few dollars less than that of other brands.

Which gaming monitor to use when creating a cheap gaming setup is a tricky subject. This is one area you don't want to compromise on, but it's also one of the most expensive parts of the setup. In fact, you can buy a monitor for half the price of this option, but you should be satisfied with a 60Hz refresh rate.

We chose a gaming monitor that focuses on esports. In fact, most budget gaming setups tend to have a competitive gaming enthusiast at the helm. ViewSonic XG2404 comes from a premium display company, offering excellent build quality, 144Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and some advanced eye protection modes. These specifications, along with 1080p resolution and FreeSync, make it a great value gaming monitor.

As mentioned above, it is not uncommon for most people to have a table or chair at home that can be converted into a game space. If this is not your case, or you want to change, please continue reading.

Your game experience is over. For those who do not realize, the mouse bungee holds the desktop mouse cable and drag and gives it a free wire experience and it is as close as possible to enter a mouse with cable.

As mentioned, any old chair can meet with you for the game, but if you spend a lot of time on your PC, comfortable chairs are probably wise investments. Since the "game" president tends to be a little higher, we selected an ergonomic chair comfortable to complete the cheap game settings. Allblack design can cooperate with all themes and is a great addition.

Finally, it is not a desk for most settings of your game to sit. We were approximately 31.5 inches long as our first option, for small desktops. Yes, this is small, but also continues its general cost reduction. By all means, if you use an XXL desktop pad or a person who really needs a space you need to buy an XXL desktop pad, select a larger option. This specific desk is available in four sizes up to 55 inches and comes with some great features that lack other models. There is a metal hook on one side of this desk and is perfect not to interpose on the path of your game headphones. In addition, when used, the setting of the game is kept very well.

, There is our last row, considering the configuration of cheap games. We know that it could be cheap, but this list offers a perfect balance of quality, price and performance. The opportunity is that at least one of the articles that most of you are already has, but now complete your economic game settings and maximize your gaming experience, you can use it.

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