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Temtem kisiwa update brings new island chat system and increased level cap

Tencent and NVIDIA have teamed up to launch Synced: OffPlanet, a new sci-fi third-person survival shooter that aims to provide players with a mixed PvE and PvP gaming experience, seemingly inspired by the success of "The Division. "from Ubisoft. Tencent produced a movie trailer for this.

The main selling point of Synced: OffPlanet, developed by Tencent's NExT initiative, is that 50 players can play a game with thousands of powerful Namos tribes. This is a team of twisted and wandering cyborg mutants. Army. Therefore, the battle will pay close attention to the advancement of Namos while competing with other players. 4,444 players will also have a number of craftable items to choose from, as well as the ability to use the resources found in the world to establish a safe harbor base to increase their chances of resisting hordes of zombies. Progress will also focus on a level system based on accumulated experience, which unlocks privileges and abilities. The goal of

is to form a team to ensure survival and eventually get out of the earth as the title suggests. There is also the issue of transporting non-combatant survivors to the ArkShuttles taking off from the desecrated earth wreck.

The atmosphere is obviously dark. From what we can see, there will be a certain degree of backstab between the teams to achieve success. Armaments range from melee and projectile weapons to traditional weapons, with a focus on future technology to help solve problems.

NVIDIA participation means synchronization-OffPlanet makes full use of real-time ray tracing technology, and we can expect it to be very attractive when it is finally launched, not to mention its demand for players' gaming platforms. .

As for when, Tencent did not provide an exact date, or even the earliest release window of 2020. In terms of platforms, given Tencent's focus on the Chinese market and the niche interests of these other platforms in the field, PCs are almost guaranteed to be unlikely to use game consoles.

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