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Telltale games tales of monkey island returns to digital storefronts with a 50 off sale

The online monster battle RPG Temtem just received its latest major update, which is the first major update since April. It adds a number of different features and functions, but the most important title is the new location on Kisiwa Island.

This new island brings many new Tem locations to collect, explore, and many new story missions. The island of Kisiwa is under siege by the Belsotho clan. The dark organization of the Belsotho clan has evil intentions and uses Tem to further their cause. You must defeat the Belsoto clan in battle to restore peace to the island.

Clubs is a new feature, essentially a clan version of Temtem, where up to 50 players can form a party in the game. Clan gets custom icons, backgrounds and borders, so you can truly express your loyalty to the clan. At present, these clans do not have any actual game mechanics related to them, mainly for fun and convenient connection with other players, but at some point in the future, there will be another update that will bring "Dojo Wars". Different clans are allowed to fight each other in a certain way.

also has a completely improved chat system with new options to decide whether to chat with a specific user or with any other player in the club. There are also more powerful controls, such as Recently implemented muting/blocking other players, the developer Crema said it will help ensure the game is safe and popular with all users.

They also increased the level cap, you can now move your Tems from the previous 48 level cap to 58 and 10. This increase will be enough for some Tems to reach their next stage of evolution.

Like many early access games, Temtem has gone from an ongoing initial project that showed some potential to a popular and powerful game, even before it was completed. Reflecting the fact that it is gradually becoming a more complete package, they have now increased the price of Temtem from $35 to $37.50. This is not entirely a substantial price increase, but it may make early purchasers feel that they are getting a particularly good deal, because these upgrades do not require additional costs. They say that as they add each island to the game in the future, there will be similar price increases. This is an interesting model, but whether you like the price increase or not, at least they have reservations about it. There are more details on the

official blog, if you are considering buying Temtem, go to Steam.

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