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After being protected by a greater part of Twoyars, Tallet Games. The Tales of Monkey Island returned to the front of the digital store. When the developer was imprisoned in 2018, the adventure of the history of the episode was eliminated from steam in parallel with other revealing games.

Supply of Monkey Island is currently available at Steam and Gog. To mark the opportunity, it is available at half price, only $ 9.99 / £ 7.74. For the price, it was packaged as a full version of the five episodes in the 2009 Game Game. This time, Steam lists developers such as LCG Entertainment. The Company bought the main assets, trademarks, technology and some of Tealtale assets, with the purpose of navigating some of the missing retroats of developers to relate. Batmann in the title already reproduced: enemies, Batman-Tealtale series.

The publication destinations announced Athlon games of CaliforniniaBased, LCG Entertainment Marketing and Publishing Partners, LCG and New Titles will be taken in August 2019. Sarujima's story has the same cult. As it is a treatment for the original Lucasarts, it was very well revised. It maintains a "very positive" user review core for Steam.

If you lost it for the first time, if you have lost it for the first time:

"If you exploit, if you exploit the evil pirate of your demon, the evil pirate, Guybrush Threwpood is accidentally wrong with the architecture emitted to infected video. A pirate monster that can not be handled. Guybrush Eerilyinscated Hand Mantos The secrets of eternal life, a visa, a high throat doctor, Sleep wood, the legend marine sponge, I think we are sailing seven sea in search of the sponge Legenda maritime. However, Gugbrush is a part of the most. The savory plot, and good and evil are always visible, it is not ... "

news suggests that LCG can see LCG in the future. Prince, stories of Borlderland and Galaxy parents, especially from the digital front store.

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