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Tell me why it is the latest project of Dontnod Entertainment, the developer of Life Is Strange and master of narrative adventure. The new game was announced at the Inside Xbox XO19 event later yesterday.

In keeping with the reputation instilled in the acclaimed "Life is Strange" series, "Tell Me Why" is destined to once again set foot in a fascinating and emotionally driven story. This time it’s about twins, one of which is the first trans character to appear in a major studio and publisher’s game.

Dontnot stated that they are working with LGBTQ media advocacy organization GLAAD to ensure that the transgender experience is truly reproduced in a credible role. Dontnod is known for pushing sexual issues to the limit and achieving significant results in his games, so it's hard to see a study that can better solve gender issues with composure and tact. "

Tell Me Why" is set in a quiet town in Alaska. Players will solve a mystery that revolves around the close relationship between the twins Taylor and Alison. Both characters can be played. Through the shared experience of each other's memories, they will return to childhood, overcome demons, and relive important events from two perspectives.

Much of the interactivity will focus on the memories the player chooses to believe in, which will have an impact on the rest of the story, much like the elements of Life is Strange.

Dontnod stated that he plans to release Tell Me Why on Steam, Windows Store, Xbox Game Pass and Xbox One in the summer of 2020.

Life is Strange has been criticized for the usually long and unpredictable intervals between episodes, and Tell Me Why, Dontnod will adhere to a stricter schedule with the release of all three episode clips in the summer of 2020.

Expect to hear more before next summer.

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