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Despite the promise of the revolution that Google is playing how video games play, Stadia Cloud Game Service has reached a lot of expected height, and the world's largest video game franchise 1 I agree with an issuer.

The players of 1 million opales were trying to study studies as he got up on a wonderful fanfare this year. Most of these can facilitate blocking for players, who can be attributed to Google that has been pushed with Google's free layer in response to Coronavirus pandemics.

Many people are disconnected between what is promised Google and the reality of the service. The promised performance of 4K / 60FPS has been replaced by a low resolution of exclusion. Google has a problem despite Google's "negative latency" of Prbeted, and the game portfolio is the best.

A company that is a company that praises Taketwo Interactive, Rockstar Games, a company that is a company that issues the Strauss Zelnik series, Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Dead, Google exceeds what Stadia can provide a player I say.

The last weekly annual strategic decision of Bernstein Strauss, who speaks during the meeting, was explained that "the release of Stadia is slow". I think technology can provide as a result, and some consumers have been disappointed. And this is the first of several editors when transplanting part of the Redemption 2 Red Dead, Borderland 3, and NBA 2K20, and an insignia version such as the NBA 2K20 for the launch of the studies. Despite standing, it is located in the new Google platform.

Strauss Always, as long as distributing its distribution, potentially expand your audience, is compatible with the release of the study with three titles, and the business model is only reasonable, is to continue supporting frequent transmission services. He believed that the transmission works with the passage of time. Believing that the transmission will be transformed, he was based on the vision of the people who were really interested in interactive entertainment, but he really wanted to pay it, but he wanted the console that I want to have. I did not know that I was.

Google still has the time to reverse Stadia's property, which has a resource for this, probably the unauthorized finger injury from one of the largest publishers in the industry is definitely a blow.

, Taketwo Interactive will still bring several titles to the study, including PGA Tour 2 K 21 and Mafia Dule of decrement editions, including PGA Tour 2K21. The initial Taketwo support will decelerate if some of these releases are not seen.

Google promised the new title of this year this year. Service.

Trackrecord, a shelf project that did not meet the expectation, allows you to discount a huge technology limit that has a technology giant trapped at an annual year of long failure.

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