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Are you ready to start a new fantasy adventure? Windbound is an indie game to be released on August 28. With the serious tone of Wind Waker and Breath of the Wild, this seems to be a good game to start getting into trouble next month.

's recent game trailer provides us with more information about what to expect from this survival RPG. What you can see below. The game trailer

introduces you to the protagonist Cara. Kara began exploring the island and found some ancient ruins and ocean debris. Marine debris can be collected and used to upgrade skills and equipment. Trailer

shows Cara climbing a tower on the island that requires zooming in to find the key. Once he reached the top, a mysterious blue light flowed from the key to Kara's amulet. As the game progresses, it will take some time for the true meaning of these towers and keys to be revealed. So you have to wait and see what all this means.

From the top of the tower, you can see the great location of the whole island, you can see the landscape and decide where to go next.

We can also glimpse boating and hunting actions in the trailer, and quickly navigate different islands and landscapes to explore. Some of the features that

has announced and shown in the game trailer include:

As Cara embarks on her personal journey, you will discover the story behind the idyllic Forbidden Island. Each island has the key to the mystery that you must discover.

There are many landscapes and islands to explore, you will travel through grassy plains, rocky shores and rough seas. Before entering the next challenge, you can admire the entire landscape of each island from the island towers. Each island has its own landscape, terrain, and many creatures.

Windbound is essentially a survival adventure. You have to dig through the trash to survive in the wilderness of the island. Resources may be scarce, but you need to find tools and weapons to hunt wild animals and upgrade your ship. Once the resources are exhausted, it is time to go to the next island.

Your ship is your best friend in this game. It should be maintained and updated as carefully as possible. You will be able to create your own boat and design your boat to fight against dangerous waves, deadly sea creatures and dangerous winds.

It's time for Carla to commemorate her past. Pre-ordering Windbound will unlock ancient costumes and ancient knives and paddles for Kara.

Put on ancestral clothes, and you will get clothes suitable for warriors passed down from generation to generation.

The ancient knife has a mysterious past. Forged from the fragments of the sea, no one knows how the ancestors obtained it. This is a bright and dangerous sharp blade, and the cutting effect is as good as it was hundreds of years ago.

The ancient rowing, known as ocean circulation, is also a mystery to the Kara people. It is still as strong as it was when it was manufactured and performed well on challenging sea voyages.

Currently, Windbound can be pre-ordered on Steam for $ 29.99 or £ 24.99. Windbound will also be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Will you pick up

Windbound when it launches? Or are you planning to pre-order to unlock additional free content? Let us know what you think about the latest game trailer below.

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