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Benchmarks leaked on Reddit and Geekbench indicate that Microsoft's upcoming Surface Laptop 3 may cancel its long-term exclusive use of Intel CPUs and implement AMD equivalents on some models. Benchmark

showed that the Surface Laptop 3 uses a variety of AMD hardware, including the AMD Ryzen 5 3550U mobile CPU and the AMD Ryzen 5 Microsoft Surface Edition processors, as well as integrated Radeon Vega graphics. Microsoft seems to be planning multiple versions of the Surface Laptop 3 with different processors. The

Reddit leak also claims that the following configurations are in development:

It remains to be seen if Microsoft ditches Intel CPUs entirely. The historic partnership may be coming to an end or Microsoft is sharing processing power between Intel and AMD.

In any case, the news bodes well for AMD, indicating that one of the leading notebook computer manufacturers believes that AMD’s notebook processor series is trustworthy.

As for Intel, Microsoft's monopoly is clearly a blow, and coincides with other trends, AMD is eroding the undeniable territory of Intel until recently.

Although benchmarking is a good way to gather detailed information about upcoming products, the Microsoft event next month should give us insight into what the tech giant has prepared for the Surface Laptop 3.

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