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If you only want to run Sunlight at 1080p resolution at the lowest settings, we recommend that you choose a $400 or similar build yourself. However, if you want to run the game at the highest resolution and optimal settings as smoothly as possible, the recommended version is $600 or higher.

If you don’t like building your own computer, one of our pre-built computers under $500 is enough to run the game at the lowest settings. However, if you want to push things to the maximum, then a pre-build for less than $800 will do.

If you look further down the page, you will see the minimum and recommended system requirements required to play Sunlight on a Windows PC. All of these are sorted by the publisher, so a bit of salt should be added; to be safe, we usually recommend adding a bit more. However, Sunshine is an undemanding game, so it should run smoothly on most machines.

However, if you are not sure whether your machine can run games, please check our guide on how to find your PC specifications to make sure you are sure. At the bottom of this page, we also discussed which PC versions we think you need to run the game for long enough.

If you want to buy Sunlight on your PC, check Eneba for some of the best prices in the game.

Sunlight is a short experimental title. It is more like an immersive and quiet experience than the "game" itself. The player walks through the enchanting sunlit forest in a visual style reminiscent of a Painting, accompanied by a low-pitched chorus.

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