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Summer digital gaming events

All in all, so far 2020 has been bad and I think we all know many, many reasons. However, let's put all of this aside for now and focus on the next technologies that we should expect to see and use in the summer of 2020. Building PC

is an ever-changing game, if you want to know what the answer is: ` Yes, newer and better PC components are released almost every month. `The problem is that it is difficult for someone to find important things through numerous advertisements involving PC builds and game news feeds, and to understand what hardware is worthwhile, especially if they are not familiar with this hobby.

Please keep this in mind when we introduce you to the technical version and show that we are looking forward to this summer.

So far, what we know about Ryzen Zen 3 is based on rumors and leaked information, and we should have reservations. With that being the case, when we say that Zen 3 looks very promising for the future of the AMD Ryzen series, we are serious.

It looks like Zen 3 will launch later this summer or could launch in Q3, but it is clear that the Ryzen 4000 series processors will be based on the Zen 3 architecture, marking AMD's consensus on the launch. since the launch of the Zen 2 architecture last year.

When it comes to people's expectations of the Zen 3 architecture, we have reason to believe that the improved 7nm + process will provide higher clock speeds without sacrificing its low power consumption. There are also rumors that AMD will introduce a new level of "simultaneous multi-threading", which will allow one core to handle multiple threads.

All cool stuff, but the real question is when will these chips be released and what are their prices? Unfortunately at this stage we can only narrow it down to releasing sometime this summer (or maybe right after, according to COVID19). However, in terms of price, there are many signs that the price is similar to the price released by Zen 2. So it is expected to be between 99 US dollars (Ryzen 3 3300g release price) and 749 US dollars (AMD Ryzen 9 release price 3950X). Stay tuned for

, but because the announcements and conferences this summer are a bit strange, all eyes are on AMD’s announcement of their Zen 3 architecture.

After talking about AMD, let's talk about their main source seems to be very fair; Intel. Intel is a large CPU manufacturer (as if you didn't know it), and this summer we will see the release of new Tiger Lake CPUs to the public. The

Tiger Lake CPU will be the third version of Intel's 10-nanometer chip, an improvement on the traditional 10-nanometer structure with which we are all familiar. This means that the low baseline clock has plenty of room for overclocking, and we are eager to evaluate and compare its competitors and predecessors.

When it comes to reliable information about the Tiger Lake CPU, we know that these chips will provide better wireless connectivity than ever before - built-in WiFi 6 and Thunderbolt 4 technology, which will allow the chip to achieve

bandwidth of 40 Gbps, and be more extensive and simple Connection options.

You can also look forward to the USB 4.0 connection included in the Tiger Lake chipset, so when the new type of USB connection is fully released in the fourth quarter of this year, your Tiger Lake chip will be completely ready to go with everyone. new devices to be promoted that connection.

In addition to this information, we have to rely on rumors we have seen from insiders about Tiger Lake's capabilities. For example, there are rumors that the Tiger Lake chipset will be compatible with LPDDR5 Ram. This is very important for several reasons: First, it will greatly increase the chip transmission time and reduce the need for power. There is hope, but we will have to wait and see, especially considering that the DDR5 RAM is not fully ready yet.

You should also know that Tiger Lake processors will have integrated graphics. Some reports claim that on-chip AI (along with Intel Xe graphics) will be able to instantly switch processing power between CPU and GPU, and immediately transfer power to where it's needed.

What we do know is that we need to test these chips against the competition to see how the latest Intel chipsets compare to other chipsets on the market today.

It is summer, which usually means that we can expect a lot of new technologies to be revealed in all the different events that happen, and with that comes the months before everyone sits down and talks about all the different rumors. .What to promote. This year, one of the rumors is that Nvidia may launch its Ampere technology and GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards this summer. Chapter

Well, obviously Nvidia is going to showcase all these technologies in March as part of its annual GTC conference. Why don't they? It should be obvious at this stage. coronavirus. Nvidia canceled its GTC and also canceled the display / production of Ampere technology and 3000 series GPUs. Chapter

We should have reservations about all this as we treat rumors, but we are confident. There are also reports that after Ampere is released in August, we may see the full version of Computex scheduled to be rescheduled and reorganized in November. Everything is very interesting. In the global pandemic, I think we can all understand with a little more patience.

So this involves "when", but "what"?

Well, the reason we are so excited to see the new Ampere architecture is because it is closely related to the upcoming RTX 3000 series of graphics cards. This means that of course we will see Nvidia GeForce TRX 3080 Ti. If you don’t know what 2080Ti is, then you only need to know that it is the best in its class in terms of graphics cards-crème de la crème.

So what are the advantages of 3080 Ti over 2080 Ti, which has already dominated the market?

According to reports, the 3080 Ti is 40mm longer than its predecessor, and the available video memory has increased by 18Gbps-all the exciting stuff, especially considering the different kinds of crazy effects that have been done, such as ray tracing. The current Nvidia may be GPU.

In terms of full specifications, it remains to be seen what the 3080 Ti will bring, but with the launch of the next generation of consoles so fast, it will be interesting to see the reaction of console purists and the look of PC games. Being able to compete with the PS5's processing power and RAM capabilities, according to reports, has generally surprised and delighted game developers.

Obviously, the 3080Ti will not be the only graphics card released in the 3000 series. We believe that all the different graphics cards in the entire catalog will have a huge improvement over their predecessors and are expected to improve the graphics settings. personal computer. Suitable for players of all levels.

Whether AMD chooses to launch its RDNA 2 series this summer is still up for debate, but as Nvidia has not acted so smartly to launch its new 3000 series graphics cards anytime soon, it is not impossible for AMD to choose to replicate them, and put their cards in the game. market to compete.

So what is RDNA rank 2? Basically, following the RDNA 1 series that came out last year, this will be AMD's next dedicated GPU series to hit the market.

What makes this GPU series eye-catching? Well, on the one hand, it will be the architecture that exists in these cards to power the next generation of game consoles, including Xbox One X and PS5. AMD will also provide CPUs for these machines, so it is safe to assume that anything that powers the next generation of game consoles will run smoothly.

But on the PC, we can hardly say what the second wave of RDNA architecture will bring. However, we do know that the AMD team has been working hard to stabilize and optimize the efficiency levels of their new cards, so we can expect better energy-saving readings than the first wave.

ray tracing has also been discussed on the new card. Why is this important to average gamers? Because this means that the importance of having an RTX-ready card is constantly being ignored by gamers who want to enjoy ray tracing in their games, thus diversifying the market and making it more affordable for others who want to enjoy ray tracing without being restricted. Get up. Nvidia.

Therefore, with the arrival of Computex, we must see Dr. Lisa Su introduce all these new cards and their functions on the stage, and at the same time Nvidia abandoned their 300 series cards, but even if this is not the case, we still have hope. Why? Because both Sony and Microsoft will show off their new game consoles in the next few weeks, running RDNA 2 on both systems.

Now, the next part may upset some console fans. But try to bear it. But traditionally, console architecture and hardware have always been a bit behind PC technology, and the future we see in the new console will only surpass the higher performance graphics cards in the PC. Basically, the Sony and Microsoft programs waiting for us are the benchmark for predicting what the rest of the RDNA 2 series will look like and how it will work.

Currently, these will be the biggest releases and presentations in the summer, and the technologies we look forward to seeing in more detail. However, all of this may change because developers and companies will now hold their own exhibitions in the next few weeks to make up for the series of events that have been cancelled after the coronavirus, and Computex will, as always, let us do what we can What.. We look forward to PC games in the coming months.

However, maybe you are not very interested in technology, are you more interested in the upcoming games this summer?

Don't worry, we have the best version here. Want to learn more about the digital events this summer, and when will they be held? We are also on the list. However, if you think we are missing some important content from this list, or you want to see something we cover in the summer, we haven't done so yet, please let us know in the comments below!

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