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Several women in the game industry shared the history of experience with Chris Avelone on weekends. So he can even be a non-professional predator, disgusting and, sometimes, sexual.

Avelone is known as a writer behind a large number of iconic role, and the exit of the 2015 Ichigei game was a great and small freelance capacity.

Corresponds to these stories, they were asked for many studies of future projects games that trapped in the future they searched at a distance, and confirmed that they did not cooperate with him in the future.

Avelone was working on Light 2 dead in Techland, but they have confirmed that their employment relationship is over. The statement given to Gamasutra, Publisher Paradox says that his participation is short, so his work has already been ruled out before these revelations.

Wild cat, Studio Waylanders behind RPG says his contract was already concluded, work with him, they are the content that occurred to learn to work in the last

. The dive studies that are developing the system download system , Anyway, he announced that they did not work with him for several years, and will not mean the work they were since 2018. These stories have come to the game completed.

Very few writers who work in a game known by the name, and the relationship with the project will give the game to the degree of prestige, will witness that it is not difficult to imagine a scenario to listen. Instead, the behavior of the action can be strong to direct blind eyes. If it is a study management level and is trying to protect your play reputation, or low-level staff. This can explain the reason why your behavior has become inconvenient for a while.

was considered "Rockstar" in the world of game history for years, but probably experts in the game industry in the game industry have the same trap for musicians, actors and other celebrities. Just because you're connected to someone's work, you really do not know your true nature, and power can change the nature of man.

has a history that navigates how to handle cases of abuse in industries that do not abuse, and I have a history of sailing as these studies receive the nature of these stories of Chris Avelone, I think it's a step, and that until now he It has not provided any type of negative or anti-discrimination. As he was hired independently in these projects, it is easy to distance themselves, generally of all kinds of companies that cause more problems, there is a lancer. Cutting block.

This particular story is part of the largest movement within the gaming industry to celebrate people who could not hear the voices of people who could not hear the power of power. It is the field of Hervey Winstein abuse reach of the films producer, which has caused a symbol of the Havy WinStein Movie Producer symbol, in the field where the game industry needs to be mature. Finally connected to your reception by 23 years. of the ray charges.

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