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Although the last game in the "Street of Rage" series was released nearly 26 years ago, it is still the name in the minds of fans who beat the game.

Not only do we now know the final release date of this title, but we also have some new information about what fans of the series can expect.

If you are excited about getting Angry Street 4, the planned release date is April 30th.

Following the release of the last Sega Genesis in 1994, "Angry Street 4" will be available on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One worldwide.

If you are happy to see a glimpse of the action, check out the trailer below.

As you can see in the trailer, this is not just a perfect restart of the franchise. The environment and character models look as good as we expected, and there are many changes in the level design.

Streets of Rage 4 retains the core gameplay that fans loved in the 90s. This is a side-scrolling beat game where players can fight in an environment where the waves of enemies are fighting.

Each character has its own unique combat style and special combination of actions, as well as new abilities to restore health through successful combination attacks. The

trailer also shows the return of combat mode, a type of game that allows you to battle with your friends to see who is the best. This breaks the usual wave action and is well suited for some extra workouts or high stakes competitions.

will have two new characters for players to use in this game, as well as returning characters Blaze Fielding, Axel Stone, and Adam Hunter. These characters are carefully hand painted and each character has a completely different play style. Fans of the older version of

will also be happy to know that there will also be a roster of 12 retro characters in the game, and these are not just transplants!

Although each character still has its own pixelated shape from the 90's, it still looks great when you see it in-game. The sprites are extracted directly from the old game frame by frame, and their animation and timing have been rebuilt and updated to suit this new game.

This brings the total roster to up to 17 playable characters for fans to master and enjoy.

Fans of the previous game will be happy to know that electronically influenced music will return to "Angry Street 4". Artists such as Yuzō Koshiro, Motohiro Kawashima, Yoko Shimomura, Harumi Fujita, Keiji Yamagishi have used their expertise to create a soundtrack that fans love.

Friends who want nostalgia, the original soundtrack of the previous work will also appear in this game. Interestingly, the retro addition of these two games is due to the fact that the developers just used them as placeholders when creating the titles and found them to be very suitable.

As we can see in the trailer, there will be 12 new levels in the battle mode for you to play. These include "Street", "Chinatown", "Y Island", "Cargo Ship", "Police Station", "Y Tower", "Concert" and "Light Rail".

Each of these stages is drawn very well, and it seems that they can easily become the desktop background. The shadows and lighting in these settings are particularly impressive, and we can't wait to be attracted by it.

This is always good when developers are looking to really add new content to the game rather than just releasing a remastered version with higher resolution graphics and higher frame rates.

We haven't played a rhythm game in a while, and it really rivals the sheer fun of the old "Street of Rage" game. Judging from what we currently see on "Furious Street 4" trailers and news sites, it looks like it will be a nice addition to the series.

When it launches later this month, will you get a copy of Angry Street 4? Which character from the original book do you like the most? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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