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Discord is by far one of the largest online VOIP applications the internet has to provide. It brings together millions of players and non-players and provides everything they need to communicate in the most efficient way possible. If you're a Discord newbie looking for a short introduction to the software, check out our beginner's guide to what Discord is. If you're interested in improving your Discord skills, check out our How to Use Discord page for an overview of all of our personal user guides organized by topic.

In previous years, the only way you could stream on Discord was to connect to external third-party software (such as Twitch) and use Discord's Streamer mode to ensure your privacy and the security of your personal data. You can read more about how to use third-party software to safely stream on Discord here. However, today Discord provides its own dedicated streaming service called Discord `Go Live`, which allows users to watch games and share their screens by pressing a button.

In the following guide, we will introduce you to some of the features provided by this feature, including how to set up "Go Live" on Discord and how to watch other people's live broadcasts on Discord. Chapter

Stop talking nonsense, let's start!

Before we start, it is worth mentioning that only users of the Discord Windows desktop client can stream through the Discord `Go Live` function. If you don’t have one, just go to the Discord website and download the client from there.

If you already have the Discord client app, you can start using it - after the

stream, you will see a smaller preview screen to show you what other members are watching. If you want to access the settings tab again, just hover your mouse over the preview screen and click the gear that appears. Inside, you will be able to change the same settings as before.

If you want to stream higher quality (1080p and above), you need to upgrade to Discord Nitro, Discord's premium service, and pay a monthly fee.

Unfortunately for some people, Discord doesn't automatically recognize the game they want to play / stream. In this case, you must manually add the game to "Live". Fortunately, this process only requires a few clicks and couldn't be easier. The

method is as follows:

As we mentioned before, Discord is not only a platform for gamers, even though gamers have built it into what it is today. It also serves as an excellent communication hub for many businesses, families and friends. Although using the microphone for communication is the most common service provided by the app, there are also some interesting additional features, such as screen sharing. The operation of

is as follows:

All that is left to do is to explain how you can view other people's broadcasts. Don't be afraid, it couldn't be easier!

If someone decides to broadcast live on your Discord server, they will see a "live broadcast" icon next to their name. To start watching that person’s broadcast, just hover over the "Live" button and press it. This will load the stream and notify the streamer.

Discord can be a particularly difficult program to navigate, especially if you don't understand all the complex functions it is equipped with. For this reason, we have put together a series of tutorials that show some of the salient features of this great app. Here are some of the best, including some bug fixes! Click here for a general guide on how to use Discord, or follow the link to select our individual guide:

Guys, we have a complete overview of how to use Discord's Cool Go for casting and screen sharing live streaming features. With platforms such as Twitch, Google Hangouts, and Zoom becoming more and more popular in this day and age, it is no wonder that Discord has introduced similar features.

Fortunately, getting your gearbox up and running couldn't be easier. Discord clearly considered the user experience when creating this feature, making it one of the simplest streaming services available.

We hope this article can help you make better use of this feature. If you do, please leave us a message in the section below and let us know.

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