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Stormforce crystal amd gaming pc

There are many rooms for your operating system and favorite games.

When a game, StorMforce Crystal RTX 3060 works exceptionally well with 1440p. You can expect High FPS for competitive shooting games and play the SIMPLAYER AAA titles without any problem. 4K games are possible in several games, but can not be recommended because they can even hit them.


Intel Core I511400F


GTX 1660 Super


1660 Super


16 GB DDR4 266644 16 GB DDR4 266644 16 GB DDR4 2666 MHz






1080 p Gaming

1080 p Gaming

Features 11thgen CPU


Row Round

Minimum minimum graph performance of the TormentaForce range, is built to maximize the small budget, but follows the same strict quality control that a higher programmed system . For those who occur in 1080p, the Gaming PC of Stormforce Onyx GTX 1660S is trying to play with high FPS without sacrificing the configuration without sacrificing the configuration.

Onyx is the 11then i511400F CPU of Intel, 6 core and 12 threads work at a fundamental speed of 2.6 GHz, which can reach 4.4 GHz. The CPU is a very popular middle-ranking CPU for its value, with its Hyperthread network, PCs are quite sensitive to general uses and games. Backup of the CPU is an super old and reliable GTX 1660, and there was a very Japanese budget option at a time. This GPU is a 1080p ball beast and exceeds 240 fps in ESPORT titles, such as CS: Go and Fortnite. This card can also produce some game results in 1440p, but this pushes to that limit. For all other titles, you can expect FPSS over 60 years during playback. In addition, this system comes with 16 GB of RAM and is a great capacity for the game, and you will be preliminary for a while for a while. We also give you enough rooms for your operating system and favorite games to see 500 GB SSD. Ideally, storage is a bit larger, but this is a relatively low area that can be updated in the near future as necessary. Despite being a budgetary focus system, the motherboard incorporates WIFI and comes with Windows 10 that has been pre-installed in the same way as other systems.

When the performance of the actual game, this game is not in the game that can not be played at 1080p. You can expect at least 60 or more FPSS, at least at the high-structure frame rate of your competitive title and an AAA Unglage game. This prepaid sphere 1440p has a range, but it may be necessary to adjust the graphical configuration for more than 60 stable frame rates.

Stormforce Gaming PC is carefully constructed before being tested and finally experienced quality control. StorMForce also provides impressive guarantees for hardware problems that you can face at the time of purchase.

The TormentForce Onyx range is a budget, but depending on the model you selected, you can perform the game well with a resolution of 1080p.

TormentForce Gaming PC, you will get cautious products and pay attention and try fully. All Intel-based systems mentioned above provide excellent game results and meet the needs of various budgets and games. Additional bonuses when going with Stormforce is your customer service and impressive guarantees. It may be covered with hardware problems that can come out, but this should be very rare thanks to high-level quality control before the system leaves the warehouse.

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