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Steelseries rival 310 mouse review

SteelSeries surpassed itself on Rival 600, although not perfect but very close!

SteelSeries released the Rival 600 in 2018, and it did not disappoint. This model also has a wireless version (Rival 650), and both have top-level specifications. SteelSeries continues to improve the previous mouse. The 600 wired iterations are beautiful, and the retail price is only over £70/US$70. The mouse has an improved soft touch and a smooth ergonomic shape, with sharp edges, giving the mouse a dreamlike feel. It has the best performance that SteelSeries can provide, putting the Rival 600 together with some of the best gaming mice. This comfortable monster will give you confidence in the game, with its RGB strip illuminating the center, this mouse looks serious.



Mouse Size and Weight

Technical Mouse The

box itself is very stylish, advertises the product well, and its features and specifications are easy to find and read. The mouse is housed in a plastic mold and the instructions are neatly hidden on the folded side of the box. Inside the


Rival 600 is very long (13.1 cm) for a medium-sized mouse, but strangely does not feel. For example, the Zowie EC1B is the same size, but is 3mm shorter and feels much larger in the hand. My hand is 18cm long and the mouse feels very fit. The design speaks for itself. Technically, the Rival 600 is one of the larger mice I've tested, but it moves like a more flexible mouse. Compared to 310 (7cm) and 710 (7.2cm), the width of the mouse is less (6.9cm), which may be the reason why it doesn't feel too big, but the hump on the medium is very comfortable and does not hinder the difference type of grip. This is a thick mouse, but its size is relatively small (4.3 cm), which increases comfort again. The

weighs 96 grams.The mouse feels similar to the HyperX Pulsefire and the same as the DA Elite, but you can customize the weight of the Rival 600 in 256 different settings, up to 126 grams. The beginning of the mouse looks like the modular future of SteelSeries mice, as the sides peel off to reveal areas with customizable weights. In the future, we may see SteelSeries launch different grip or side options, so that your mouse can be used with left or right hand, who knows. For such a heavy mouse, it feels very light and performs well, but it is worth noting that there seems to be a slight weight balance problem. The mouse seems to be a little unbalanced and may shake when fully grasped with the palm of the hand. I'm not sure what caused it, but if you compare it with DA Elite, you will notice that Deathadder sticks to the mat no matter where you apply pressure, but if you apply pressure to the back of the Rival 600, You will notice the rise in front. Slightly. The

Rival 600 is a very stylish mouse with a unique shape and excellent RGB lighting in the middle. The logo lights up on the back of the mouse. We saw some features from the previous SteelSeries mouse on the Rival 600, such as the split trigger button design, but its shape is beyond this world. Whether illuminated or not, the mouse looks like a gaming mouse of the future, with long straight lines, smooth curves, and sharp edges. Combine shape with lighting, like a miniature spaceship sitting on a cushion. Compared with the Rival 710, the overall bow of the 600 is smaller and very comfortable to hold. The left side panel is bent inward for the thumb, and the right side panel is slightly inclined to provide a good place for other fingers to sit on the table. Compared with Rival 710, the back shape of Rival 600 mouse is more ergonomic, because its smooth arch fits naturally in the palm without adjusting the handle. The

mouse body and main buttons use lovely soft-touch materials that SteelSeries likes to use on some mice. It is usually a material that can provide grip for players who sweat the most, but regardless of its breathability, it is an excellent supplement. They designed the Rival 600 to have this soft touch at almost every contact point with the hand, and it excels in grip and comfort. The soft-touch matte finish complements the smooth matte plastic bronze side panels, separated by an RGB vein that illuminates the center. The

mouse has 7 programmable buttons. On the front, the two main buttons adopt the split trigger design that we see on most SteelSeries mice today. They are located on top of the mechanical switch and provide durability of up to 60 million clicks, which is one of the longest clicks. When activated like many SteelSeries mice, these switches produce a loud clicking sound. The activation is low enough to feel fast and responsive, while still being strong enough to prevent you from accidentally pressing down while holding your palm. The main buttons are some of the best buttons. I like them very much. The

has a clickable scroll wheel that you can program. The scroll wheel has a rubber material for gripping and is tactile, so it can be used to switch weapons. Behind the steering wheel is a DPI button, which is a bit too big for me. The DPI button has never really blocked me, but in rare cases, I think people with big hands may accidentally press it. That being said, it is not an uncomfortable place and most people will not notice it. The mouse has 3 side buttons. Mouse button 4 and

Squeak when pressed. The unconventional extra thumb button is not something I can use because it is very out of reach without adjusting my grip. The extra thumb button works well and can be used for some purposes, such as turning it into a "purchase link" or something you don't need in the action. The

mouse is equipped with a 2-meter rubber USB cable. It is not braided, but this is not a problem for me because I use a bungee cord and I don’t damage the cable as I did in the past. The cable is also detachable, which means that if you bring the mouse to the event site and limit possible damage to the cable, you can store the mouse more easily. This is a soft cable. When playing games or in the office, it never gets stuck on my desk or keyboard, but I put it in a bungee for testing. It seems to fit all these cables because the cable has a very Good thickness. The

SteelSeries installed the TrueMove3 + sensor on the 600 we saw on the Rival and Sensei 310 models. This is a great sensor, because SteelSeries improves the already excellent PMW3360 and provides 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS speed, but the original tracking performance is improved by 2000 to 3500. The sensor is 1:1 tracking, you can in the game See the power of this sensor. Compared with other mice, it is easy to track targets and track them consistently. The mouse is very accurate, with no additional delays or lost jitter reduction costs. The

Rival 600 has 2 sensors, but the other is a depth sensor for tracking and detecting takeoffs. I like it a lot because I am a low sensitivity player. Sometimes arm movements are large and performance will suffer. but this sensor does not affect me. Gaming experience. I will be interested in future versions, if they implement a more modular design for models like the Rival 710, then if you want to reduce the weight, you can take out the depth sensor. But I don't know how effective this sensor is, but it can help solve the mouse balance problem that I talked about earlier.

I'm not sure if it's because the sensor is one of the best sensors I've used, or it may be ergonomic, but this mouse works great in games. The mouse is very sturdy and can easily slide across the surface of my cloth. I found the zoom precision to be constant and smooth, while moving quickly is relatively easy. It worked well in all the FPS games I tried, but it worked particularly well in CSGO and PUBG. I tried to get the sensor to spin quickly, but couldn't.

If you want to customize your settings, SteelSeries Rival 600 requires SteelSeries Engine 3 software. You can change CPI settings, remap buttons, and adjust RGB lighting effects. Interestingly, the software allows you to change the LOD detection and you can change the amount of angle the cursor captures, which may be beneficial to you when drawing, but it certainly won't get into the game.

This mouse is great and worth the money The absolute precision and consistency of this mouse in gaming is excellent, making the Rival 600 one of my favorite wired mice. From a design and performance standpoint, this mouse is excellent. This is a unique feeling mouse, it looks like it fell out of space. In addition to performance, it has many features, and the customizable weight is suitable for those who like to eat meat instead of a mouse. Considering that it has 2 sensors, it still weighs less than 100 grams, which is impressive. If you are looking for a smart alternative, maybe I would consider the Sensei 310 because it has some similarities, but if you like the look of this mouse and want to give up the cable, you can choose its stylish wireless brother Rival 650. Words Having said that, if you are looking for a wired mouse that will not disappoint you, then Rival 600 is an excellent competitor with top specifications and high-quality materials. It is indeed very suitable for professional and casual gamers.

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