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Steelseries arctis 7 wireless gaming headset

Due to fierce competition between the major gaming brands, the headphone industry has become increasingly dense. So when we managed to get the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC headphone combo, we were very excited to see what this flagship product brings.

Steelseries is one of the best-known brands in gaming peripherals, bringing high-performance keyboards, mice, headphones, and gaming surfaces to the expanding market. They started out as a small company creating game interfaces for casual gamers, but they soon got started. Now they bring high-quality peripherals to the esports industry and its noble supporters.

Steelseries Artis Pro + GameDAC is one of their flagship headset products. This thing has a variety of high-end features, such as independent controllers, excellent build quality, excellent sound output, and excellent aesthetics. Today's review will test the Steelseries Arctis Pro headset to see how it compares with some similarly priced competitors.

So, with this in mind, let us go directly to it.

The following are the main specifications of the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC headset.

In the Steelseries box, we see:



Steelseries Arctis Pro headset most of the settings are very simple. When you open the package, the headset is completely disassembled, just as you might imagine. We chose to use Arctis Pros with a PC that requires headphones, + GameDAC and two cables. Although the Steelseries Engine software package is not needed, we decided to download it out of curiosity.

After unpacking, I first connect the headset to the controller using the cable provided. After that I just install the GameDAC USB cable to the PC. The PC recognized the headset almost immediately, but did not download software or change my Windows settings. I had to change the default output to Arctis Pro headphones, which won't take long, but if you're not familiar with computers it may fool some people.

A few seconds later, I noticed a pre-installed tutorial on the GameDAC OLED screen, which gave me a detailed introduction to the content provided by GameDAC and how to use it. The tutorial only lasted a few minutes, but it gave me a better understanding of how to use it, really useful.

I played around with the GameDAC settings a bit, found the EQ I wanted, and started using it to hunt down my enemies. A very simple setup process.

starts with headphones, I have to say they are a bit popular for me personally. On the positive side, the Arctis Pro headphones are equipped with very attractive earmuffs, with RGB rings around each ear. If you like this kind of thing, you can use the Steelseries Engine to customize RGB. The exterior of the earbuds is designed with high-quality plastic, and the Steelseries logo is displayed in lowercase letters on the two earbuds.

Steelseries opposed the most commonly used headphone cushion artificial fur, and decided to use breathable Airweave fabric. In fact, I really like the appearance of the ear cushions. It definitely makes Arctis Pros stand out from the competition. The

headband is made of aluminum and steel, which not only ensures that this headset can withstand a considerable amount of use, but also gives it a beautiful and luxurious style. The headset offers a one-size-fits-all design, having said that, they equipped the Arctis Pro headset with a ski goggles-style woven headband that can be adjusted to fit different head sizes. From an aesthetic point of view, to be honest, I am not a big fan of Google Ski Belt. However, there are many people in the office, so it all boils down to personal preference.

Although they are designed for gamers, they are equipped with very efficient microphones. It is worth mentioning that when the microphone is not in use, it can be retracted into the housing. Once the microphone is retracted, the headset will present a more versatile aesthetic, making it the perfect headset for most occasions.

When it comes to build quality, the Arctis Pro headphones feel solid and sturdy. Steelseries made sure that high-quality materials were used throughout the design of these headphones to ensure they will stand the test of time and the occasional outburst of anger. The

headband is made of aluminum and steel, which means that the design is light and strong, not to mention that it is flexible. Also, the Airwave fabric used in the ear muffs may not be as soft as artificial leather, but it does provide a longer life.

Film-wise, the plastic covering the ear muffs is definitely an area, and it's easy to damage and scratch if not handled carefully. That being said, the equipment we purchased has undergone some very intense tests in the past few months and has performed surprisingly well. Another area where the

headset may be damaged in the future is the small profile that connects the headset to the headband. This piece feels like plastic, and it can bend when it receives a little force. The

GameDAC itself feels very powerful in most situations. There is almost no movement on the dial, and all buttons are tactile and well-arranged. When pressed with moderate force, the screen also feels dense and has little curvature.

Comfort is an area (one of many areas) in which I think this headset is excellent. Let's start with those headphones.

Now, although the breathable Airweave fabric used by Steelseries on Arctis Pros is not as soft as synthetic leather, it still provides great comfort.

For this headset, I actually think cloth earplugs are a disadvantage. I think the combination of fabric and back design will generate a lot of heat in the ears. but it is not the truth. They feel light, easy to wear and very comfortable at all times. The

ski protective lens strap is ideal for fixing the Arctis Pro headset on your head and can be adjusted to your personal needs. The fabric used in this part of the headset is not the softest in the world, but it is also not the roughest.

continues to use the headband, Steelseries designed this headset to fit the ear, and there is almost no pressure on the head. Although the headset has a hug feel, there is no excessive pressure that may be unpleasant or annoying.

In the end, the comfort brought by the Steelseries Arctis Pro headset is the best.

So, acting. This is part of the evaluation, we will see the real performance of this headset in all aspects, from daily tasks to competitive esports games. First, we will look at the sound quality of the headphones, the quality of the microphone, the feel of the headphones in the game, and the features that GameDAC should provide. With that being said, we will note any other content that we think is worth mentioning. I was very impressed with almost every performance aspect of this

headset. It really exceeded my expectations for Steelseries. Playing games is a kind of enjoyment, the music sounds crisp and exciting, and the voice commands are clear and accurate-experienced gamers need to take their games to the next level.

As always, we will start the sound part by looking at how this headset works in a multimedia environment. I started playing several different types of music through these headphones, from fast trance to slow rap (and almost all types in between). It is safe to say that I was impressed from the beginning. One of the areas where I feel that headphones lack a bit of meat and vegetables these days is the bass department. However, the first thing I noticed about this particular headphone is how powerful the bass really is. It's not too "buzzing" like some bass-oriented headphones, but it does provide plenty of bass, and I'm very pleased with the results.

High frequency is just as impressive as low frequency notes (if not more so), and it sounds clear and crisp. The melody lines stand out well and the improvisation of the guitar easily penetrates the strong percussion and bass notes. Having said that, this didn't surprise me, because this is usually the case with

gaming headsets; we will talk about this soon.

This brings us to the gaming performance of the Steelseries Arctis Pro headset, and the overall experience is very pleasant. I first activate CS: GO, as always. I played a deathmatch for about an hour, and then continued to play various competitive games. I have to say that spatial perception is definitely a highlight of this headset. I can easily (and accurately) identify where the enemy is coming from, and grenades and smoke can also be heard from the other side of the map without going over the top. The

Gunfire sounds very sharp, and the sniper's voice is good, which adds to the immersion of the overall experience. One of the problems I found when looking at the HyperX Cloud II headset was that the bass was not noticeable, and some of the immersion provided by the gaming experience was lost. Well, fortunately, this is not the case here. The bass is not overwhelming, but it will definitely show up in the background, especially when using grenades and powerful weapons.

Like many gaming headphones, I always feel that the manufacturer sets the bass level lower than expected, like headphones designed for music. Obviously, this is a design feature that can help users increase awareness of the game space, allowing them to determine the source of footsteps and shots. Although this is great for games, it is not always suitable for music or TV.

Fortunately, this is the Arctis Pro headset's secret weapon: the GameDAC controller. GameDAC allows users to instantly change settings such as EQ, audio quality, microphone level, and volume. This makes it easier to create a perfect audio experience when in use.

GameDAC provides a lot of cool features and settings that really change the user experience of this headset. For example, I was watching a movie with these headphones a few days ago and I wanted more bass so that I could really enjoy the action scenes. I just entered the GameDAC menu, found the EQ setting, and adjusted it accordingly.

In GameDAC, you can also choose to activate high-resolution audio, surround sound, change the mix between chat and game volume, and RGB. In most cases, GameDAC is definitely a treat. In fact, at first I thought it would be a trick. Having said that, I actually use it often and it's good for me. The

Steelseries Arctis Pro headset is equipped with a ClearCast microphone. For me, it's still one of the best gaming mics to date. The microphone on this headphone is retractable and very flexible, which means you can find the perfect position to sit in while you play, and then retract it into the case when you're done. The quality of the

microphone is very good. As we all know, people use this headset to stream on Twitch and YouTube with great results. The recording sounded crisp and clear and at the same time accurately reproduced my real voice.

I have also not experienced microphone leakage noise, which is always a positive in my book. The

microphone is equipped with its own RGB lighting area, which can be changed in the GameDAC or Steelseries Engine app. There is also a microphone mute button on the back of the left ear cup, which is also very convenient.

Overall, the microphone is another important asset that this headset brings. Not only does it sound great with great RGB, it also feels very durable and should stand the test of time.

Whether it is a high-end mouse or a cheap monitor, functions play an important role in the purchase of almost all hardware products. As for headphones, the same rules apply.

Fortunately, Arctis Pro gaming headsets are equipped with a large number of features that make them stand out from the competition.

So, stop talking nonsense, let's enter directly. One of the most important features of the

headset is the independent GameDAC.

GameDAC is an Arctis Pro driver that allows users to modify audio settings such as volume, equalizer, and surround sound, while providing a large number of alternative functions.

For those who are new to audio accessories, DAC is a digital-to-analog converter that enables Arctis Pros to reproduce 96KHz/24-bit audio quality. What does this mean for ordinary Joe; higher quality, less compressed audio usually found on ordinary USB or analog connectors. In the simplest terms, better sound quality.

GameDAC has a large number of functions for gamers, which can be found in its menu. In order to enter the menu, Steelseries equipped GameDAC with a large dial, which serves as a volume control and menu navigator. It has a large OLED screen and easy-to-use menus that can be navigated smoothly, making it ideal for novices and experienced users.

Press and hold the dial for a few seconds, it will take you to the menu. Here you can adjust the volume, enable surround sound, select input and output sources, adjust brightness, and even change RGB. GameDAC allows users to adjust the headphone equalizer, giving them access to various presets and fully customizable options.

Enabling Hi-Res audio input will disable some other features, such as surround sound, but it allows you to get 96KHz audio quality, which is very suitable for streaming high-quality audio files, such as YouTube.

Finally, the user has a built-in audio mixer that allows you to change the balance between the game sound and the voice communication application you decide to use. If you have difficulty hearing your teammates on Discord and don’t want to lower the game volume, that’s fine. Just jump into the mixer and raise the microphone volume of your teammates.

Oh, did I mention that it also displays your in-game statistics at the end of each round?

As mentioned above, users can use familiar analog surround sound. This is when the headset changes the internal sound tail to simulate more realism in terms of spatial perception. I used it in games, and while it didn't have much of an impact on sound quality, it did give me some extra queues during stressful times. Over the years the

Analog Surround Sound has been known to be a bit fancy, and I largely agree with this. However, if done correctly, it will have a real impact on your gaming experience.

Finally, the last aspect I want to quickly mention is build quality and comfort. To be honest, when you want to buy quality headphones, you have to know if they are comfortable and will stand the test of time. Fortunately, this headset can fully satisfy both of these needs. We've talked about both, but all in all, the comfort this headset offers is the best. Combine that with the great materials and build quality of these headphones and you can lay a good foundation for some great headphones. This is the case with

, our comprehensive review of the Steelseries Arctis Pro + GameDAC gaming headset. At the end of our review, we hope to perfect things by giving our final impression of the headset and whether we think it is worth your consideration and money.

After all, this is a very good gaming headset. It is equipped with many features and advantages, even if the price is more than 200 US dollars, you can not use the same price headset experience. The lightweight design provides an extremely comfortable wearing experience, while the sound quality adds immersion and realism or display scenes to almost all games. The bass is well balanced with the highs and mids, so the overall sound has a balanced and rounded feel.

Many headsets on the market today focus on sound quality and comfort to meet gaming needs. However, Steelseries went one step further in this regard, adding GameDAC. GameDAC sets the Steelseries apart from its competitors and adds a lot of value to these already high-quality headphones.

Thanks to this little controller, I am happy to recommend this headset to almost all users who are willing to spend money. GameDAC provides instant EQ changes, surround sound options, highRES audio support, and many other features. Once you combine that with the comfort, sound quality, and aesthetics provided by the Steelseries Arctis Pro headphones, you have a very complete and powerful gaming headset. They are the best gaming headsets.

An excellent headset that provides excellent comfort, high-quality features, and high-quality sound quality.

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