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Steelseries arctis 5 headset giveaway

SteelSeries has been the dominant force in gaming peripherals for a long time, with some more advanced mice and keyboards in its lineup. During this period, they also set foot in the headset field and produced some masterpieces, and the Arctis series received considerable support.

Arctis 7 is an excellent mid-range choice for Steelseries, offering you superior performance and comfort at less than half the price of a premium Arctis Pro wireless headset SteelSeries.

Whether you choose wired or wireless headphones, comfort and sound quality are the top priorities. Arctis 7 has comfort and superior performance. Compared with many competitors, this model is much more versatile, which means you can easily use them in your daily commute without fussing.

Without further ado, let's take a closer look at the Arctis 7 wireless headphones.



There is nothing special in the box or packaging, everything is in place, intact. The setup is pretty simple too, you just need to plug in the receiver and once Windows finishes its work, you can get started. You press and hold the pairing button on the receiver and press and hold the power button on the headset. This process is a bit longer than I thought, but they will eventually sync up and you can jump into these games.

Inside the box, we see:

You can see from a mile away that these are SteelSeries Arctis. They use classic oval designs such as earpieces, slim fingertips and skigoogle straps. We saw the well-respected plush earbuds and retractable but non-detachable microphones. These designs provide the perfect balance of subtlety and functionality, which means I can wear them when I play at home or when I go to work on the train. These

do not have any RGB function like Arctis Pros, which can extend battery life, but the skigoggle belt has a detachable function. You can buy different styles of straps from SteelSeries to customize your headphones, which is a lovely touch. I prefer the all-black appearance, but they also have a refreshing white, which looks great, but it only gets messy. The

headset is one of the most stylish headsets I have ever seen, and it is not as bulky as most gaming headsets. SteelSeries is famous for this, and has impressive designs on various products.

Looking at the build quality, Arctis 7 feels as rugged and durable as you would expect. Although the thin earplugs are plastic, they are flexible enough to ensure that they do not break too easily over time, but I list them as a weak point of the headset, so be careful. These feel more durable than the entry-level Arctis 1. Although they are mainly made of plastic, the metal headband is very strong, although it is much less elastic than the plastic of the Astro A50 or Sennheiser GSP series. The

pads are detachable, which means you can easily replace them if damaged, but compared to the magnetic pads on the Astro A50, they aren't the easiest to reuse. The material is a high quality fabric, very suitable for hot climates and sweaty heads in general. The cushion is well made and keeps my ears off the inner wall, but others complain about the depth so it's worth a try before you buy. The

SteelSeries ClearCast Microphone retracts into the left ear cup via a flexible extension cable. It's nice to see it almost completely gone or detachable, because the headphones look great and you can listen to music outdoors. For me, the little protruding mic isn't something I really want to use, but other people might not care. The

hardware control is in place, easy to push, and the label is clear. On the right ear cup, you have a power button that will indicate you by flashing green when it is turned on. I find it annoying having to press and hold this button to turn on the earbuds, but I think it can prevent you from accidentally losing the battery when it's in your bag or other things. Above the power button is the ChatMix dial, which allows you to perfectly balance the audio on the Discord server and the game without exiting the game or messing around with settings. The ChatMix dial has a small tactile bump that indicates when it is in the middle, allowing you to easily restore the default settings.

Above the left ear cup is where we see most of the controls. The half of the ear muffs where the thumb is when the headphones are removed is the microphone mute button. I like that this button is a bit small, but once I get used to the headphones, it is relatively easy to activate. Nice to see that SteelSeries still has this little orange accent with silence, because it reminds me of my old SteelSeries Siberias. Below the mute button is the volume control wheel. It is very basic. I prefer the Corsair Void volume control, but it works. Below is a proprietary slot for the phone and the attached connector, but you can also use the connector to plug the cable into the port below. Finally, we saw the microUSB port and the retractable microphone for charging. The

Arctis 7 Wireless Gaming Headset also comes with a compact receiver. The receiver is connected via USB, and there is a pairing button on the side for pairing your headphones, with an LED indicating whether your headphones are connected (solid on) or idle / disconnected (flashing). The receiver also has a line in / out port, which means you can connect speakers through the rear without disturbing your Windows settings. The

receiver has a round rubber base, but because it is very light,

Some extra features.

Overall, I found the Arctis 7 to be very comfortable, the ear muffs are sufficiently padded, and the ski mask straps did wonders for me. Also, I found the holding force to be very balanced and due to the lightweight build of this headset, it is in fact one of the most comfortable headphones I have ever used. The

ear muffs are the most comfortable I've ever used, and the soft fabric is part of the reason. The fabric is not as soft as that of the Astro A50 in the shape of a cloud, but it is still very comfortable. The inner wall material is rougher than the breathable Aireweave fabric, but my ears have never touched it. The shape of the oval earplugs fits my ears effectively, provides good cushioning, and creates a good natural sealing effect. As mentioned above, the holding force is close to perfect, and there is no stimulation during the test. The

skigoogle style headband was a little skeptical at first, there is no cushioning, I am not sure how comfortable these headphones are. It can support and evenly distribute the weight, and it can also prevent things from becoming rough after prolonged use. However, this fabric is not the softest, so unfortunately, bald players may want to look elsewhere. With this headband design and clamping force, you will finally get a headset that is worn on your ears. The pressure on your head is very small. Even if it is a long game, regardless of the shape or size of the ear, it can You feel comfortable.

Of course, there is no need to adjust the slider like most headphones, because it comes with a skimask headband, but there is a little movement in the headphones. The earphones are slightly tilted to fit larger or differently shaped heads, and have a 90-degree rotation function. Unfortunately, when you wear them on your shoulders, they don't feel as good as HyperX Cloud Flight S earplugs, and they tend to be tightly clamped around your neck.

They weigh about 354 grams, which is not the lightest, but certainly not the heaviest. For me this is a lot of weight, combined with the design, here you get a very comfortable product. The

Arctis 7 Gaming Headset is a kind of enjoyment, be it for entertainment or gaming. They generally have a balanced sound profile, but due to the continuation of high and low sounds, the midrange can sometimes sound cluttered. Bass may be too high for some people, but extended bass is great for bass complaints, especially in gaming. The

SteelSeries software and graphic equalizer is very good, I recommend using it to get the most out of Arctis 7s. Its performance is similar to that of HyperX Cloud Flight S, although not as good as Arctis Pro, but unless you need additional features, these are definitely money-saving options.

Out of the box, I have a better audio experience, but the cost is higher. The sound performance feels precise and has a good stamp, these are very immersive. They are a bit noisy in various games so I really have to adjust the settings and play with ChatMix to get the effect that I like. The overall performance of

Bass is quite good, especially for games like music and Squad. The clarity of Squad is very good, which is very important because military simulation games want to grab you and immerse you in battle. Weapons crackled, explosions and sounds in the general environment sounded clear.

Jump to CS: GO I found that the images are very good, everything seems to be accurate, I can easily identify the target or collect valuable information for the team. When setting them up, volume is a small problem that is easy to solve, but in general, I am happy to use them for competitive games and music every day.

For enclosed headphones, the sound field is very spacious, comparable to more expensive premium models. Isolation is poor, but this is not surprising for gaming headsets with fabric-style padding. However, you can still use them outside your home, they will keep chattering in the middle distance, but you may hear some buses or trucks speeding by. The leakage performance is not bad, only the top will break through from time to time. The

SteelSeries Arctis 7 is equipped with the same ClearCast microphones we have seen in the Arctis series, in short: the quality is very high. Although it can be considered one of the best gaming headset microphones, don't be too addicted to marketing, there are better microphones. The

two-way microphone does a good job of clarity and noise cancellation. The cantilever microphone is retractable and hidden in the earpiece, but unfortunately it is not removable. The recording quality is very good, which makes my voice sound great. The out-of-the-box microphone can handle external noise well, separating my speech from the noisy mechanical keyboard without sweating.

Overall this is a great microphone Based on personal recordings of my friends and myself, my voice always sounds crisp and clear. It's worth noting that while it outperforms most headsets in terms of mic performance, the Sennheiser Game Ones, Razer Man O`War, and Corsair Virtuoso headsets have better mic performance. The

Arctis 7 Wireless Headphone is one of the SteelSeries in-between products, it is affordable and has quite a few features. One of my favorite parts of the headphones is the customizable skigoogle band. You can change it to a bit of style, I prefer RGB lighting. Although they are affordable, they have many features that attract your attention, so let's take a closer look. The

Arctis 7s is wireless and runs on a lossless 2.4 GHz connection for low-latency gaming. The connection is still strong, no

The USB receiver of the device also works with PS4 and the Nintendendo switch when coupled. The headset has received an AD range about 40 feet, and while running around the floor, this seemed precise and not falling through the wall.

headphones can work with cable. In other words, you can connect to the IR or mobile device switch (if there is still an audio jack). The arcTIS 7 load can be used during loading through the included icruckb. After loading for about 3 hours, the headset saves the automatic shutdown timer as necessary to give 25 hours of continuous use.

The Steelseries 3 engine is one of its excellent public service engines, and while ArcTis 7 offers the same options as its advantages, it is likely to use software instead of DAC. The software allows 7.1 surroundings, but I returned to the game when I like stereo, but it is good to have an option. Establish the dynamic range and manually adjust the output manually at different frequencies, and the sidetone violin and the microphone volume.

I like to use a headphone as much as possible, but in the state of direct, the SteelSeries engine is really easy to use, and I have a preset of EQ, I used it several times with wonderful results.

Steelseries ArcTis 7 'offers solid performance and a wonderful comfort. The cables and receptors included are "ease of life", and the headset is not particularly striking, but the unique design is the best.

ARCTIS 7 'Comfort is not competitive, but the ski headband works well. In addition, the cups of removable ears are soft and breathable sensations, and my ears keep the cooler for more than other models. The clamp is perfect when used, and the egg yolk is solid enough, but I could not sit comfortably on my shoulder.

ARCTIS 7 'bat flight Hyper X Cloud for me for me. For me, arctis 7 'feels more premium and will last longer. These microphones are the best at this price, but they will still start using it to transmit.

The Steelseries Arctis range is very diverse with all the Budget options 1 'to Dippacked ArcTis Pro Wireless. If Bluetooth and an extra pretty are as you want, the strength of ArcTis goes, but ArcTis 7 is the best option for those seeking great audio and microphone performance. It is one of the

SteelSeries ArcTis 7 'is an affordable price for the features they have. This is a very comfortable headset, an excellent audio reproduction and a crystalline microphone.

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