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Steelseries arctis 1 gaming headset

Steelseries' Arctis series gaming headsets are one of the most popular (and lucrative) headsets in the peripheral market, and many people (including us) rank Steelseries Arctis 5 headsets as one of the best gaming headsets. Although the Arctis series consists of several different iterations (1, 3, 5, 7, 9, pro), today we will take a closer look at the Steelseries Arctis 5 gaming headset. The

Arctis 5 headset hits the sweet spot between price and performance. It is listed at a price of less than $100 and meets many of the requirements that users desire when buying gaming headsets. Although the Arctis series is one of the best-looking headsets in the game, it brings more than that. With a very balanced sound configuration, both games and music sound great, and it is difficult to find any real negative effects when it comes to these headphones.

We describe the main specifications of the Steelseries Arctis 5 gaming headset below:

In the Steelseries Arctis 5 box, we see:

Arctis 5 is a headset that is relatively easy to set up, but you need to do a few basic settings before that Steps You can start enjoying this headset. Like all Arctis headsets, all 5 headsets require the Steelseries engine to take advantage of some of the unique features provided by this headset. Just go to the product page and download the engine from there.

Since this headset is completely modular, you need to plug in a few cables to work properly. Fortunately for some people, Steelseries marks each wire, so you can easily determine which wire is located. For PC users who want to use this headset for competitive games, it is necessary to use a convenient USB sound card to obtain maximum power and some additional functions. However, all of this is very basic and should not cause too much trouble for people who want to buy this headset.

You have a variety of different adapters to choose from, making this headset compatible with almost all platforms and devices.

When it comes to design, the Arctis family rarely disappoints us. Once again, Arctis 5 maintains the familiar design cues that have been very successful over the years. Although we will review the all-black version, the Arctis 5 headset is also available in a white version.

Steelseries gives Arctis 5 the typical stylish and elegant beauty. This is a headset that will not look out of place when walking in shops or public transportation, even with a slightly placed retractable microphone. Arctis 5 offers two fairly large closed oval helmets with matte texture treatment. The outline of the ear muffs is the iconic RGB ring, which is in stark contrast to the black theme. RGB can be fully customized in the Steelseries software package, but it looks great out of the box.

On the back of the left earmuff, the user can use the volume and microphone controls. A small dial can be used to adjust the volume, and the function of the microphone mute button is almost the same as indicated on the can. Interestingly, this headset is equipped with an audio sharing feature, which is implemented via an auxiliary cable. Along with the main headphone cable, it has a 3.5mm audio port that allows your friends to listen to what you are watching / listening to. The microphone retracts from the left earbud shell and feels flexible and sturdy. It also comes with a small RGB lighting zone, which can be customized in the software package.

Inside the earmuffs, Steelseries uses breathable fabric as a cushion. The fabric feels very soft and is designed to ensure that the temperature rise around the ears is not a problem. The ear muffs are connected to the headband by a single metal buckle with swivel versatility. The headband design is simple and does not contain any Steelseries branding; can be found in subtle reliefs on the two earbuds. The

headband is made of steel and plastic, which feels strong and slightly stiff. It has a matte finish similar to earmuffs, with an internal adjustable fabric headband so that everything fits perfectly. Although the headband provides good comfort and requires little manipulation, it can be worn a lot when wrapped around the neck. In addition, due to the high holding power of this headset, the Arctis 5 headset will feel a bit claustrophobic when worn around the neck.

But overall, the design of this headset is very good. It brings a stylish look and a lot of instant control to the table, making quick adjustments easier.

continues to build quality, I must reiterate what I said in the previous article, the Arctis series of headphones are very durable. SteelSeries uses high-quality materials in the composition of this headset, which is clear at a glance. Although Arctis 5 is mainly made of plastic, steel has been used in more fragile areas such as yokes and headbands. However, any plastic used in these headphones is very durable and held up very well in our robustness tests. The

headband provides a lot of flexibility and a firm feel. All connection points of this headset are also made of metal, which means that it can resist occasional pops or violent sounds very well. The fabric used in the headband feels thick and frosted, while the inner lining of the earphones is breathable and soft. You can remove/replace the ear pads on this headset, but the operation of replacing the ear pads is a bit tricky and requires a bit of skill, so if you plan to skip some, please keep this in mind.

(Relatively speaking) and through a single connection point, I can certainly see that this is a failure. Also, to be honest, the swivel mechanism on top of the yoke doesn't feel any stronger. If you pull them down with one ear, over time, I can see that this is also a problem area.

As mentioned above, the microphone retracts from the housing and is made of multi-functional material with excellent flexibility and rigidity. It installs very firmly in its case and can be attached well to your specifications. The controls on the headset feel rock solid when used and have a good performance feel. All cables are very standard and will not cause too much trouble in the short term. However, one aspect that I don't like is the game/chat balance control of the sound card. The dial feels too sensitive for me personally. I would rather it provide more resistance and make the smallest changes easier.

All things considered, I must praise the overall build of the Steelseries Arctis 5 headphones. As for the under $ 100 gaming headphones, this one really feels great.

In most cases the Arctis 5 is an extremely comfortable headset. If I sound a little surprised when I say this, it's because I am. When testing the Arctis pro + GameDAC, I was a bit unsatisfied with the comfort that certain headsets provide. However, 5's does not seem to have a problem in this sector.

Let's start by talking about that headband. Because Steelseries chose a skigoggle headband over a more general adjustable headband, users don't have to search for adjustment mechanisms to find the perfect fit. When using the Arctis series, you just need to put your headphones on and go out. In fact, you can make some adjustments to the headband, which means that if you put too much pressure on the top of the skull, you can always reduce the tension. However, in my personal experience, this is not necessary. One thing I want to say is that if you plan to wear this headset with a hat or hoodie, your headroom may be a bit tight. In addition to the

headband, the next most important area of headphone comfort is the ear cushions. Steelseries uses memory foam padding on a soft fabric, which is breathable and non-abrasive. Although ear muffs provide good comfort, in general, it has been mentioned that people's ears are in contact with the inner wall of the headphones. For me this is not a problem, but if you have big ears, it is worth checking the gap before diving.

Finally, the lightweight design (280 grams) of this headset allows gamers to practice longer and longer. It also makes using these headphones as part of your daily setup a very viable option.

All in all, the headset feels very good in use. From my memory, I think I have mixed reviews on the comfort of Steelseries Arctis Pro. Fortunately, this is not the case with Arctis 5

headsets, so the design is not so troublesome. It is time to take Arctis 5 to experience some performance scenarios and see how they sound. The next section will discuss gaming performance, music enjoyment and microphone quality; at the same time, Arctis 5 headsets will be compared with some similarly priced alternatives currently on the market.

With this in mind, let us go directly to it.

I started the sound part of the performance review by listening to several different genres and styles of music. In the end, this gave me a deeper understanding of the sound that these headphones can produce. It also allows me to better understand its sound profile, how the frequency is adjusted, and how well the sound is balanced. Starting with some electronic music, it can be said with certainty that the functions provided by this headset left a deep impression on me. Without involving any equalizer or sound settings, the sound configuration of these headphones first impressed me how balanced they sound. Now, I am not saying that this headset provides audiophile sound levels, but as far as gaming headsets are concerned, this headset is very suitable for music.

Although it does not provide an overly rumbling sound profile, you can definitely hear a lot of powerful bass when listening to many genres. Although the midrange feels warm and prominent in the mix, which is great for electronic and rock music, the high midrange and treble are not as sharp as I want. Comparing them with Sennheiser GSP370 headphones, Arctis 5s definitely provides a more prominent bass configuration. Having said that, in my opinion, the highs seem to be a bit weak and may be a boost.

Next is the game. Now, before testing this headset on my favorite game, I am a bit anxious, because many excellent gaming headsets show strong high frequencies, and I feel that this headset is a bit inadequate in this regard. However, after playing CS: GO for about an hour, it is safe to say that I am very satisfied with the experience.

I started from playing deathmatch, this is my daily routine. I did this first to warm up, but more importantly, it is a good way to understand how clear spatial awareness and sound signals are. Deathmatch usually has about 20 players running and shooting at the same time, which means that a good headset will be able to easily recognize each individual noise. Fortunately, this is the case with these headphones. After warming up and fully understanding the sound signals provided by this headset, I took the Arctis 5 and tested it in a competitive scene. This is where small noises and lost footsteps can appear

However, one thing that didn't impress me much was how strong spatial awareness was. The sound profile gives the impression of a small world. Compared with the background noise, people's footsteps sound very loud. Compared with other headphones that provide better immersion, this is not a big problem, just a small disadvantage.

I have reached very similar conclusions in most game types. Most of the time, the bass notes are very balanced between the midrange, and the spatial cues seem to be important. In general, I think the Arctis 5 headset provides excellent multi-functional sound, suitable for gaming and general use. The microphone used in the

Steelseries Arctis 5 feels very similar to other headphones in the Arctis series, which is a huge advantage for me. The fully retractable two-way microphone has an excellent frequency response from 100Hz to 10,000Hz, allowing you to record your voice clearly and comprehensively. Unlike other microphones with tinnysound microphones at this price, Arctis 5 provides plenty of bass and warmth.

In terms of clarity, I found Arctis 5 to be almost perfect, with only slight background interference from the signal itself. Due to its two-way pickup mode and noise cancellation technology, the microphone provides recordings that are significantly better than the competition. The less optimistic news of

is that this microphone is extremely sensitive to ambient noise. For example, typing on a mechanical keyboard will undoubtedly make your teammates very loud and angry at their voices. Unfortunately, it is easy to hear breathing, writing, and television in the background. You can choose to adjust your microphone on the SteelSeries engine, but this is still a bit frustrating.

Comparing this with the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (one of the best microphones currently available), I would say that the Arctis 5 headset may win. However, both describe themselves very well. On the other hand, if you compare it with Corsair HS60 Pro Surround, it will be an overwhelming victory for Steelseries.

In the price range of less than $100, features can indeed make or break gaming headsets. They play an important role in the user experience of headsets and can have a great impact on consumers' decisions. With this in mind, the Arctis 5 headset is one of the few gaming headsets in this price range that offers a host of useful features. Steelseries immediately equipped these headphones with many of the top features, so let's not waste time and take a look at the best of these headphones.

Steelseries Engine 3 is currently one of the best peripheral software packages on the market, allowing users to utilize a host of options when using Arctis 5 headsets. While the controller handles game / chat balancing, the The software handles the rest of the content that this headset must provide. Users can fully customize the sound of the headphones by customizing the equalizer settings (or selecting one of the presets), allowing you to adjust the sound according to your unique requirements.

In addition to audio changes, users can also access dynamic frequency compression, DTS surround sound (we will discuss later), microphone tuning, and RGB. A great software package that can do almost all the work.

DTS surround sound, for those who don’t know, is virtual surround sound provided by headphones. We did not discuss this in detail because I think it is a good feature. Having said that, some people did use it and gave positive feedback after doing so.

surround sound can be switched using the Steelseries Engine package, where users can fine-tune the music, games, and TV experience. When enabled, surround sound will change the sound profile of the headset in an attempt to make sound cues and spatial perception more obvious. Now although this will affect your gaming experience, for me it will ruin the audio performance of the headset.

Although it provides some immersive value and certainly helps to hear footsteps in unique scenes, in most cases, it feels a bit unfinished. The

game/chat balance is a clever little feature in the USB sound card adapter. It allows you to find the right volume balance between game audio and chat rooms.

So if your teammate's voice is too loud, turn down the chat volume. Or, if you need to increase the volume of communication from your teammates, simply adjust the balance to a position that is more suitable for conversation. This is a simple little feature, but if you like competitive games it will come in handy on a regular basis.

So guys, our full review of the Steelseries Arctis 5 gaming headset. At the end of the evaluation, we want to summarize our final thoughts and draw a conclusion whether we think this headset is worthy of your consideration and fulfillment. In the final analysis, Arctis 5 is a mid-game headset that provides good comfort, excellent sound quality, great value and a lot of cool features. Although it won't win any awards in the enthusiast category, it is undoubtedly impactful compared to alternatives at the same price. Being available for less than $100 makes this headset one of the best value-for-money headsets in its price category, which is one of the reasons why you get the best gaming headset for less than $100.

Comparing this headset with Razer Kraken Tournament Edition and Corsair HS60 Pro Surround, for me, it is the clear winner. Arctis 5 headphones are not only better in appearance and sound quality than these two options, but also have many cool features and comfort. Although the build quality may disappoint this headset

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