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Steam vr switches to openxr

SteelSeries is known for producing reasonable quality gaming headsets as well as some mice and some recent excellent gaming keyboards. The Arctis 1 gaming headset is a budget-friendly product in the Arctis series of brands. Compared with other models, it has limited functions and a very simple design.

This is a good and affordable gaming headset with good sound quality and low-key design, making it very feasible to use them to listen to music on the go. Arctis 1s are entry-level and may not be the best gaming headsets, but their prices are still competitive.

These may be a good alternative to HyperX Cloud Stingers, and may be a good choice for those looking for a versatile and simple pair, let us find out.



Let's take a look at the contents of the box and briefly introduce the Arctis 1 specifications.

Inside the box, we see:

At first glance, they are similar to the Arctis series, with slightly square oval ear muffs and beanies. plush sticking out. Unfortunately, this is the end of the similarities, but this does not mean that they are not yet a beautiful and practical gaming headset. These are almost entirely plastic, as we'll talk soon, I like the simple black look. They don't scream "gaming headsets" like many models we see on the market, so the price is very versatile. The

SteelSeries Arctis 1 is the cheapest headset I've reviewed from this brand so far, and it's made mostly of thin plastic. Although they are reinforced on the headband, they do not feel very durable or learn. However, this is not all pessimism, no matter how aggressively you twist them, they have great elasticity, but there is no squeal.

I don't want to be too harsh on build quality, because there are a few trade-in features I'll talk about soon, but despite being an entry-level, these features are far less powerful than the Corsair HS60s.

These sensations are very close to HyperX Cloud Stingers, using an all-plastic design, but they have more concessions and the overall appearance is more attractive. Even when folded, the mic feels very durable. The microphone is flexible and has been locked into the socket to ensure that it always works the right way. Although

is plastic, Arctis 1 is not the most flexible for separating ear muffs. There is so much resistance that they feel like they might collapse.

In the hardware control department, it is not very exciting, but the important thing is that all the important things are covered.

On the left ear cup, we saw a volume scroll bar with a textured surface for easy gliding. The volume wheel doesn't scroll indefinitely like other headphones, this is something I've always liked. Besides the volume, there is also a mute switch, which is more popular than a button. When worn on the head, it has a small notch for added functionality. It's worth noting that the breathable ear cushions are completely removable, which means that if they break, you can replace them at any time.

Overall, the SteelSeries Arctis 1 is a fairly comfortable gaming headset. Certain items help improve comfort, some parts of the headset could have been improved, but they are lightweight and very fit. The cushion is similar to other Arctis series headphones, with slightly less cushioning and no head strap. Although there are no elastic support straps, they distribute the weight evenly and the plush ear muffs are breathable.

It's worth noting that these aren't the most comfortable at this price. I think the Corsair HS series offers more, with larger ear muffs and more headband padding. The holding force exerts enough pressure to hold them to my head, and the ear muffs are padded enough to keep them comfortable. The tighter-than-usual clip also creates a good seal for the price, although I prefer the oval ear muffs on the Corsair HS60 / 70 headphones because I have large ears I guess.

Don't get me wrong, although a bit round, ear muffs are a comfortable and inexpensive option for these inexpensive headphones. The plush padding does a good job in terms of comfort and is certainly sufficient for players who wear glasses. The Arctis 1 earmuffs use the same "airweave sports fabric" as the other higher quality headphones in the series. This material is soft to the touch and breathable, and it keeps your ears dry even during exercise. My ears lightly touch the inner wall of the top. Unfortunately, compared to the material of Corsair HS70, its material is a bit rough, making them a little uncomfortable when moving.

These are very light and are actually one of the lightest headphones I have tested, weighing only 272 grams. If it were not for the pressure of the clamp, you would not really notice your head, and I'm sure that for the smallest heads, they would hardly be noticed.

In terms of fit options, Arctis 1s is sufficient to keep most head shapes/sizes satisfactory. The headband is reinforced with steel and can be easily adjusted with the basic slider. There are no steps on the side so that's rough guesswork when setting them up, but this is by no means a matter of comfort. The

earmuffs have a slight slope, about 10 degrees, suitable for square and oval head shapes. The cups can also be rotated 90 degrees, which means that you can place them on your shoulders more comfortably when they are hung around your neck.

These are generally very comfortable, but if you have larger ears, pay attention to the round cup and lack of

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