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Steam summer sale dates leaked

Update: The Steam Summer Sale is now live! The event will last until July 9th, giving you plenty of time to find the perfect deal.

The Steam sales we have seen throughout the year are highly respected by gamers around the world. These events provide us with more PC games, as well as potential great deals for the games you have been waiting for!

The actual dates of these sales are usually unknown to the company, but leaked rumors usually begin to surface before large-scale sales events, triggering a lot of speculation and excitement. You usually get two main sales, one in summer and winter, and smaller sales in spring and autumn.

In this article, we will introduce the rumored date of the Steam Summer Sale, how long the offer will last, and some tips to help you take advantage of the event. Summer Sale

is usually one of the best Steam promotions of the year because it has the most discounted games.

Steam has slashed the prices of games big and small, and some indie games have received price cuts as well, meaning everyone can usually find something that suits them. You can also get some discounts for the included games during the sale, so always pay attention to them, as the series may not have an additional cost.

Strangely, after hearing some news about the Steam Spring Sale, it seems that there is nothing about "events". Of course, there are always promotions on Steam, but the lack of spring promotions can upset hospital patients.

But don't worry, the details of the Steam Summer Sale have been leaked, and now we expect the Summer Sale to take place in the last week of June 2019! In the past, they usually happened on weekends, so we can assume that the sale date could start around the 25th and 27th, but sooner or later we just don't know. How long are

Steam sales overall? Summer Sale

is typically one to two weeks long, giving us plenty of time to take advantage of some of the offers. Summer and winter sale activities are the main activities of the year and last longer than spring and fall sale activities.

If you have an idea about a game you want to buy in the future, consider using Steam's wish list feature. When you add a game to your wish list, Steam will send you an email when the game is on sale, saving you from checking it often or missing it altogether.

If you haven't used the wish list function before, don't worry, it's actually very simple. When you browse the game in the Steam store, if you click on the game you want, you will see the "Add to Wish List" button below the featured image. Click this button and a check mark will appear, which means you will now be notified when the game is reduced in price or released.

If you navigate to your Steam profile and click "Games" on the right, you can manage your wish list and you will see a "Wish List" tab.

Start adding your favorite games to your wish list and get ready for the upcoming Steam Summer Sale.

We recommend that you pay attention to DLC discounts for games you currently own, because sales are a great opportunity to re-use old games that you stopped playing.

So the Steam Summer Sale is just around the corner, and it seems a bit remote for some people, especially the money saved makes a hole in your pocket. Don't worry, discounted games will appear in your game library soon, and we can restore endless game time with the new version.

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