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Steam summer sale

Announcement: Steam will replace Big Picture with the new Deck UI

. Steam is a huge event in the world of PC gaming. Online game stores are one of the most popular places to buy the latest games and many users exclusively use it. Steam creator Valve announced a series of updates coming to the platform, one of which is an updated library of games.

On the year-end roundup blog, they shared all of the 2018 updates, and Valve also presented us their plans for 2019. These Steam updates include changes to store visibility, a new Steam chat app, and, most importantly, an update to the Steam library.

These long-awaited changes will update the library's user interface, and if leaks can be believed, they will update with a stylish and attractive new design. Let’s take a closer look at what will happen in the September Steam update.

When Steam was first launched in 2003, it had a rough start. In a world where only 20% of Americans have broadband, Steam requires constant Internet access to operate. Nevertheless, 16 years later, when it comes to PC games, they have become one of the most popular platforms in the world. One aspect of

Steam that hasn't changed much over the years is the layout of its library. Let's take a look at the original design and the current design in parallel (before the September 2019 update).

Steam Library, original design Steam Library, pre-update

Although some images and more advanced code have been added, the basic skeleton of the design remains very similar. But if it's not broken etc ...

However, starting tomorrow (September 16, 2019), the Steam library will undergo a review. The screenshots we've seen so far look stylish and impressive, even if we have to wait until tomorrow to see if they are real deals, but this is what we currently know.

We will update this page after the update so you know how accurate these forecasts are. Image

was published by the Steam database after claiming that it was leaked on the CS: GO China server. So far, the response has been mixed, although overall it has been positive. This is a more elegant version of the previous design, making it easier for you to see your library at a glance. For many Steam users, this is certainly a very welcome change.

Anyone who wants to try the Steam Library update can start today (September 17). All Steam users can use the public beta. If you haven't seen the updated library yet, it just means you haven't selected Beta through Steam.

Just click the "Steam" menu, select "Settings" and then click "Change" under the Beta option to choose from. I updated my library this morning, so let's see what the new update looks like.

Update October 31, 2019: The new Steam UI is no longer Beta and will be displayed on all Steam accounts. The

main library page is very similar to our expectations of the leaked image, and it looks cleaner than the previous one. design. It's easy to find your game and the mini icon next to the title is a nice touch.

It is also very good to highlight the games you have played recently for easier navigation, the update section of the game can help you understand if something new is happening.

game highlights have also been redesigned. It is not much different from the original version, but the new design is cleaner and more modern. Chapter

What About You? Are you excited about the new Steam library update? Please let us know in the comments below!

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