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Steam record users coronavirus

Many events and gaming meetings were canceled, most cases, the Game Developer Meeting (GDC) has some good news there.

Help configure it Steam and Geoff Keighley, and summarized a new festival of steam games that helps exhibit a new game in the future.

This is to make the game you lost the opportunity to show the game events you can have your own moments with foci. It also gives a player who is stuck indoors for several weeks. This is a great relief for our many of us who are already boring!

We have already faster the Steam Festival last year with the game award. This gave a profit to access many demonstrations for some players to some games and it was a great success. In the spring version, the festival is large, and more than 40 games are introduced into available manifestations.

A brief statement and an ad on Twitter of yesterday were published.

"Spring edition, equipped with a title of 40 years or more, Indie Megaboth, Devs Day Day Day and mixed opportunities in the CIM this year we emphasize the larger games of studio games . "The first game festival of

Steam is available just 48 hours, but this time the first time surrounding the Festival is March 18 from 2:00 pm to March 23, it extends from 2 pm to 23 February, then ends with 10 am PDT.

Well, while there's still time to meet some new games, we act quickly, it is recommended that you find something you want to sink before you find what you want to sink on weekends.

Check out the full list of available game demonstrations, check the steam and grasp the increase of the copy.

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