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According to data from the Steam tracking site SteamDB, Valve's Steam digital store hit a record yesterday, attracting more than 20 million users. 4,444, a staggering 20,313,451 people used Steam at the same time, even though it was actually just over 6 million at the time. However, this is an impressive number, echoing the steady increase in the maximum number of players registered in the store since the beginning of this year. In recent months, the number of simultaneous players exceeded 19 million for the first time. On Saturday, Steam broke the record, but was surpassed by the latest record of 20 million a day later.

As for the sudden cause of the surge in activities, weekends are definitely helpful, because many people are unemployed and enjoying their favorite hobbies, but a large part of it can be attributed to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

As more and more countries impose lockdowns, recommend self-isolation and social distancing, and governments close schools and restrict mass gatherings, people flock to video games to keep busy. Because many people currently prohibit outdoor activities to limit the spread of the coronavirus, many people choose to seek comfort in video games.

So what are people playing? CounterStrike: Global Offensive is by far the most popular. This weekend, Valve’s tactical first-person shooter game attracted more than 1 million players for the first time in its history. This threshold has clearly remained strong during the 24-hour peak period.

In addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Steam Dota 2, PUBG, Grand Theft Auto V, Rainbow Six Siege, Ark: Survival Evolved, Team Fortress 2, Destiny 2, Monster Hunter: World and the mainstay of Warframe also topped the list The 10 most popular games right now.

Given that the coronavirus pandemic in most countries has not yet reached its peak, we are likely to see a further increase in the number of concurrent Steam users in the coming days and weeks.

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