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The folks at 9to5google found something that seems to indicate that Steam will soon be officially compatible with ChromeOS-based devices like Chromebooks. This is not a huge surprise, we heard from the ChromeOS team that this is what they are doing earlier this year, and now there are some signs that this may happen soon.

ChromeOS is working on a project called "Borealis". This is a virtual machine on Chrome OS, which is essentially a standalone installation of Ubuntu. On current Chromebooks, there is already a similar feature called Crostini, which allows you to install and use Linux software on supported machines. The biggest difference between Crostini and Borealis is that Crostini is installed on Debian Linux, while Borealis is based on Ubuntu. Borealis also comes pre-installed with Steam, which clearly shows that one of Borealis' goals is to bring Steam games to Chromebooks. Borealis is also likely to be a reference to the ship of the same name, which appeared in Valve's Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Valve has become a strong supporter of Linux games. There are currently more than 7,000 native Linux games on Steam. Plus, more Windows games can now be played on Linux through Valve's Proton compatibility layer. Extending Chromebook's virtual machine deployment to include support for Chromebooks is the natural next step in this process. The Chromebook

has a variety of prices and specs, but the signs here indicate that the latest Chromebooks equipped with 10th Gen Intel processors will support Steam first. This makes sense, because they may be better able to provide users with a reliable gaming experience than any lower-end or older Chromebook device.

would like to see if anyone tries to add Steam support on Chromebooks equipped with ARM processors. It's hard to imagine that Google or Valve will develop a technology specifically for this task to run software for x86 processors on ARM-based devices without performance or incompatibility issues. Microsoft has been working hard to insert the square nail into the Windows 10 round hole in ARM. We haven't seen how successful Apple will do the same in Rosetta 2 when it moves from MacOS to ARM architecture. If you buy a Chromebook from the market and Steam games are important to you, maybe we can wait until we know exactly what specs are needed and which devices are supported.

I suspect that one of the obstacles to some games is the size of the installation. Even if it has a powerful enough CPU and GPU and enough RAM to run games, as we all know, Chromebooks have very little local storage space, but instead ask users to save files and documents to the cloud. This is not feasible for game installation. Users may have to stick to a smaller gaming space, or Chromebooks with larger storage capacity are about to appear.

It is hard to imagine a world where Chromebooks are popular devices dedicated to gaming, and people buy Chromebooks dedicated to its gaming functions. However, it is easy to imagine a world where a Chromebook user is playing some games on the sidelines. Chromebooks are generally not high-performance machines, and they are generally not equipped with particularly powerful GPUs. These are general purpose machines suitable for various tasks. Improving the gaming performance of your Chromebook by adding Steam support is a great way to extend the functionality of your Chromebook. I don't think anyone is trying to replace a powerful gaming desktop with a lightweight Chromebook, but for gaming on the go or on the go this can be an amazing development. Especially since you don't need to buy any games again, but you can theoretically bring your existing Steam library to your Chromebook.

Official Steam Support Interested in buying a Chromebook? Do you have a game that you especially like on your Chromebook? Tell us your thoughts on this news in the comment section below. In my opinion, this may be a great partnership that will benefit Google, Valve and their customers.

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