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Steam game festival 900 free demos

The Steam Game Festival will return for the third time this summer in about six months. The event is aptly named Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition and will run from June 9-14.

is very similar to the previous iteration, Steam will be focusing on upcoming games in the form of free demos, short playable experiences, and connections to the people who created the games. The playable demo can only be used for a limited time - the duration of the event.

The smartest will notice the Steam Game Festival: the start date of the summer edition coincides with the day the game world turns its attention to the Los Angeles Convention Center and E3 2020. Due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, E3 was, of course, canceled in March, and the Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition appears to have filled the void and provided independent developers with a platform to showcase their latest products to the world. It won't replace E3, but it is the first confirmed replacement event after E3's cancellation triggered a wave of publishers promising only digital alternatives. E3 organizer ESA decided to cancel the officially approved online experience plan, allowing publishers to propose their own different activities. Microsoft, Ubisoft, and EA have confirmed that they are looking into hosting their digital events, but we hear very little about dates and practicality.

As for the games we can expect at Steam Game Festival: Summer Edition, Steam is silent for the moment. Nevertheless, we still envisioned something similar to the previous version, but on a larger scale, with a variety of independent games, and may even include some games with a slightly larger budget. Developers interested in showcasing their games during the holiday season can register their interest before April 24 to get a chance to participate.

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