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If you already have a large backlog of games in the works, adding 900 more to the list might not do any harm, right? If you've been trying to find a game lately, Steam Game Festival is a great way to experience new things. The

Steam Games Festival is an annual digital event where you can see a number of new and upcoming games. Live streams, developer chats, and a host of demos to watch are also offered.

If you want to experience the upcoming games, check out the official games festival page. Here you will see a list of selected demos, a live section where you can watch the developers show off their games, and there's even an option for you to log in to see the demos on your Steam wish list.

If you want to see the developer's live chat, AMA, and live stream, there is a schedule at the bottom of the page where you can view today's and upcoming events.

If you are trying to browse through 900+ demo lists, you can filter by genre at the top of the page. Another important tip is to filter your Steam search by "demo only", which can be achieved by selecting demo as the search type.

This event is already underway and will end on June 22, at approximately the same time as these demonstrations.

We understand, 900 games are a lot. For some suggestions for some good-looking games, please check the list below.

was originally released in 2010. Heavy Rain is one of the most popular games among David Cage's interactive narrative adventure games. This game was very revolutionary at the time, and it was a welcome return to the genre that was discovered in Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy a few years ago.

This psychological thriller allows players to participate in the exploration of the origami killer through four different characters, each with its own personality and choices. The PC version of this game will be released on June 18, 2020, so be sure to check out the demo.

If you have been thinking about acquiring it, you can also check out the recently released demo of Desperados III. The game is a tactical stealth game based on the cruel world of the Wild West.

If you are not familiar with Desperados games, this title is a good start. You must be tactical and use stealth and fast shooting to outsmart the enemy. This isn't just a standard Wild West title, one of the characters has their own set of mind control abilities to use.

This self-proclaimed Scandinavian-style adventure game is another game worth checking out. In Röki, you will embark on an inspiring journey to save your family. You will explore forgotten lands, unknown places and meet all kinds of strange and wonderful creatures.

Of course, we won't list the 900 demos for you today; half the fun is the thrill of the search. This is a great opportunity to find new games, or even look at a few games that you don’t usually buy.

A week does not seem to be enough to influence these titles, especially when you are reading this article at work. However, if several games have been on your wish list for some time, now is the best time to dig deeper.

What do you think about the demo selection? Have you found what you think you want to buy? Let us know in the comment section. Remember, you will only be there on June 22 before the end of this event!

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