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Steam celebrates one year anniversary of steam labs

Did you just finish updating one of your games and then came back:

An error occurred while updating [game] (content files are locked)?

You may have encountered this little error, which basically means that Steam is trying to write the update file to the hard drive.

There are several solutions for this, and reinstalling Steam is the most effective. Reinstalling Steam can be time consuming and annoying, so let's look at some alternatives.

If you have antivirus software installed, this may be the cause of the problem. It is not uncommon for antivirus software to treat Steam files as a potential threat to your computer. After

is disabled, you will need to restart Steam and verify the integrity of the game cache.

2. In the properties menu, select the tab "Local files" and then click on "Verify integrity of game cache"

Verification may take a few minutes, but I hope it can solve your problem, it will return to the game soon mean!

Even if you don't have an antivirus client installed, it may be worth a try.

Certain circumstances mean that Steam may require special permissions to access certain folders or files. Without this permission, Windows can block it, which causes the message "Content file blocked" to be displayed.

Only once, you just need to right-click the Steam icon and "Run as Administrator", which will ask you if you agree to the changes. Click "Yes" and that's it.

If the simpler method fails, then we can try to relocate the Steam file. If this process is interrupted, the file may be corrupted and you may need to completely reinstall Steam.

The folder you choose will determine the location of your future downloads, but we assume it is your new SSD.

4. In "Properties"> "Local Files", you will now see the option "Move installation folder" at the bottom. Click on this. Chapter

Hey Hurry Up! Your files should now be in your new folder. If all other methods fail, you can always try to completely reinstall, but nobody wants to.

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