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Steam black friday sale now live

Steam Labs has officially launched a series of experimental projects to improve the Steam experience for a full year. The

Steam Lab is a great place for Steam to test new and improved features so that Steam can better serve everyone. The lab can bring Steam users into the development process earlier, which means development is much faster.

On a recent blog, Steam announced some upcoming projects and spent some time celebrating Steam Lab's first year.

"We have been listening to your feedback, gathering evidence to understand how people use our experiments, and conducting A / B tests to measure the relative success of potential designs. "

Steam Labs originally launched in July last year and included three experiments and big ambitions for future development. Since its launch, Steam Labs has introduced the following features to Steam. Community Recommendation

is a feature that displays player feedback on the home page. This feature "brings community vibrancy to the store, allowing users to stay on top of what games players like and why."

Steam's intuitive interactive recommender started out as a machine learning experiment. This feature can be trained to recognize the game patterns of millions of Steam users. This allows Steam to generate personalized recommendations for players.

Customer feedback prompted Steam Labs to allow players to remove games that affect recommendation results or to block games you own on other platforms. You can also save your preferences for the next time you find a new game on Steam.

While using machine learning to fine-tune the experiment, the lab decided to build Play Next. This feature uses the same technology as above, but recommends games that you already own but haven't played. We may all feel guilty about collecting a lot of overdue bundle games that we don't have time to play. This feature helps you remember your memory in some of these great games. Another project from the

Steam Lab is an update to the search tool. New user-requested tools have been added, including a way to filter results by price, show only games on sale, and exclude games you already own.

Steam Lab stated that they are currently developing many different features. The following content is expected to enter Steam in the future.

Steam Lab is working hard to allow gamers to explore custom game news, live streams and updates, and learn about games they like to play or games on their wish list. This feed can be customized to include or exclude various types of news to help people understand game events and other updates.

Work on tags and metadata behind the scenes. This is to improve the Steam search, which should help provide accurate and consistent results. Steam Labs will use a custom thesaurus for this purpose.

Steam Lab is working on a way to include game video snapshots in the store. This is based on the idea that most people spend little time scrolling through the game page to get more information. These mini trailers provide short content to help players learn about the game as much as possible in the shortest amount of time.

You can now see the mini-trailer appearing on the Steam store. You can find them by hovering over items on the home page, during sales events, and through interactive recommenders. Steam Labs is currently still patching this feature and will be expanding its use on Steam.

It looks like Steam Lab has a bright future in terms of updates and new features. It will be interesting to see what else Steam Lab can come up with in the future. We will pay close attention to all the new Steam features and will notify you when we see them!

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