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State of play ghost of tsushima open world

Sony recently announced that the next theater state will be held on September 24, 2019. But can we listen during their live events? Can I get the PS5 launch date? Or can we even get the release date from our Part II even the last release date?

After jumping E3 this year, fanatics are interested in the news of the giant giants. His first live streaming game status this year gave us many updates to VR and launch games, but it was not a presentation of many AAA titles because I liked it.

The second event is a perfect platform to give us the news that we are waiting for us, and the last part of the date of launch of part 2 and tsushima.

Sony's own advertisement also seems to recover this idea. They will be "Shorty"

shows and "new games and new contents of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, and other last hosts will be revealed."

Does this also receive updates at the PS5 NextGen Console event? Well, that is not. Sony said he shares the news on the console during this event. But, who do you know? Maybe this is to smoke everything, and they intend to surprise us using the finished product and the release date.

Girls can be dreamed.

Sony Streams Events on Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. You can adjust all ads in 1 m.m. PT, 4 pm ET, and 9 pm BST on September 24 on September 24.

Can you see it? All updates are shared so that it happens here. So stay Check-in with us for the latest news from PlayStation.

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