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State of play delayed

PlayStation and developer Sucker Punch Productions gave our upcoming PS4 exclusive game "The Ghost of Tsushima" a new look.

Before the game's release on July 17, the latest episode of "The State of the Game" took just over 18 minutes to provide an expanded perspective on the nominally beautiful Japanese feudal open world of Tsushima Island. Although we have known "Soul of Tsushima" for several years, this is the first time that we have continued to observe the content provided by the game from a player's perspective. Based on the content displayed, fans will not be disappointed.

In particular, the showcase showed some of the core pillars of the game, namely exploration and combat. Sucker Punch realizes that players will not be overwhelmed with too many points of interest, which have defined the kind of open-world action and adventure, with the aim of promoting curiosity as a driving force for exploration.

Subtle environmental cues from wild animals and background tracks invite players to discover the mysteries of the island. Additionally, the player can pinpoint a specific location on the map and let the guiding wind draw a path, which the player can follow.

In terms of combat, "Soul of Tsushima" takes a two-tier approach with different fighting styles. On the one hand, players can use the samurai economy and thrifty attack style, or through stealth, smoke bombs, distractions, assassinations, and even the fear of taking down the Mongols to guide the game's nominal ghosts towards invaders. most despicable tacticians.

Sucker Punch also mentioned the customization, which is not a purely decorative addition to the game, but will also shape the battle and give certain mechanical advantages to "emphasize the style of the game." For example, one piece of armor will be better suited for a full-fire attack, while another may prefer a more cautious approach. As the game progresses, players will be able to upgrade and customize their gear through charm and technology. Show

also revealed that "The Ghost of Tsushima" will include a samurai movie mode, covering the entire game in grainy grayscale to replicate the classic Japanese movie genre; This is the main source of inspiration behind the tone and background of the game.

Like Sucker Punch's previous work, Ghost of Tsushima includes a highly customizable photo mode and rich repair options (color gradation, depth of field, focus, music, particles, etc.), allowing players to Players capture the magnificent opening of Ghost of Tsushima. world.

Ghost of Tsushima will provide full Japanese dubbing and subtitles, adding immersion to those who want to play games like Sucker Punch.

In general, there is a lot of excitement here. Fortunately, you don't have to wait too long before the game is released in July, and of course any unforeseen delays related to the coronavirus pandemic will be discounted.

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