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The Black Friday season is approaching and the discounts are about to explode. Steam, which doesn't want to be left out, will be offering a slew of discounts on games when the sale event finally arrives. WePC is here to bring you Steam Black Friday deals, including games, DLC, and bundles.

When we looked at Steam sales, it was hard to resist pulling out our wallets. November 27 is almost here, let's see what the Steam Store Black Friday offer will bring.

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PC gamers, like me, are always looking for discounts here or low-price packages there. Black Friday will definitely bring in some absolute bargains for AAA games, indie games, and DLC. In this article, we will list several headlines that we think are too good to lose. Since this list can be large, we will divide them into the most popular titles and different genres to make it easier for you.

Once the offer goes live on the Steam Black Friday sale, we will update this page to save you the hassle of scrolling through the Steam store. So take a look at this space and prepare to expand your library.

In order to make the juice flow, we want to look at the 2019 deal, because it gives us a good understanding of what to expect from Steam.

GTA 5-$19.79 (34% off)

Far Cry 5

-$29.99 (50% off)

Total War: Warhammer 2-$29.99 (50% off)

Borderlands 2-$4.94 off) (4454) Radiation New Vegas-$3.29 (67% discount)

Older games may have lower prices this year because they are older or have released sequels.

It won’t be long before players can fill up their library with a large number of Steam Black Friday deals. When they arrive, we will update this page with some great offers.

Some of today's most popular games will appear here. Last year we saw blockbuster movies like GTA 5 on sale, so it’s no surprise to see blockbusters drop significantly in 2020. This year, we are looking for discounts:

will have some FPS-style adventure games. They have discounts. Last year we saw a 50% discount on Far Cry 5! When the time is right, we will provide the best FPS discounts here. We will look for discounts on the following games:

Black Friday will have a large number of AA and independent style RPG games will receive discounts. Last year we saw Final Fantasy 15 being offered at half price, so please keep your fingers crossed to get more of the same information. This year, we're looking for deals for such great games - last year

AAA Royal Royale games were either in high demand or of course free, so we're not sure if they'll show up this year. We may see some standalone Battle Royal titles becoming Black Friday sales forums, so pay close attention to the prizes. This Black Friday we are looking for discounts on the following games:

With the launch of new F1 games, it is almost certain that we will see big discounts on previous games. With so many racing games, it's almost guaranteed to be unveiled on Black Friday. Hopefully we'll see some discounts on Steam store sales, for example:

Last year, games like Total War: Warhammer 2 were heavily discounted by 50%, so it's no wonder strategy games on real time also have similar discounts this year. We're paying close attention to transactions for the following games:

Without the VR boom slowing down, this year we may see a selection of heavily discounted VR games. The VR games we're looking for this year are:

Finding the best Steam Black Friday deals couldn't be easier. Make sure to bookmark this page and wait for updates once the offer goes into effect. What discount games are you looking for? Let us know in the comments below!

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