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Starfield release date

Starfield will be available on Xbox SeriesX and Windows PC. Since the game details are scarce, we have no formal system requirements yet, but we have compiled a best estimate of the minimum and recommended system requirements, which should give you a good idea of which machine you need to run it on.

If the internal structure of your PC is a mystery, please read our quick tutorial to learn how to check your PC specifications and see if your current computer is capable of playing games. If your PC is not up to this task, we recommend that you check out some suggested pre-built and self-built PCs at the bottom of this page, they should be able to play Starfield well.

To get a copy of the game, search for the best price in Eneba, which is closer to the Starfield release date.

Starfield is an original role-playing game by Bethesda, the creator of the Elder Scrolls series and many newer Fallout games. The game will be set in the space of the sci-fi future, and will feature some common game elements of Fallout 4 and the Elder Scrolls title, as well as some new mechanisms. In addition, we don’t know much about this game, but we will inform you of the latest news before release.

As described below, the minimum and recommended requirements below are only predictions and may change as the game release date approaches. When more information is released, we will update accordingly.

To play Starfield at 1080p on lower graphics presets, you may need a self-built version similar to ours for $600. The $1,500 version is the ability you need to play games at the highest graphics settings of 1080p, and you may need a $2,000 build to achieve resolutions of 1440p or higher at the highest settings.

If you don’t want to build your own PC, we recommend that you use one of our pre-builts for less than $800 to play 1080p at a decent frame rate at the lowest settings. If you want a resolution of 1440p or higher, the higher graphics presets will require a PC that is at least as powerful as the $1,500 pre-built or the $2,000 pre-built.

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