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In general, 2020 is not a great year; I think this is something we all agree on (look at your COVID19). Furthermore, recent events in the United States are another dark sign of 2020.

After the horrific murder of George Floyd sparked a series of protests and riots across the country, many companies have shared their support on social media. The most recent is Sony.

Announced today on Twitter that in view of recent events, they decided to postpone the status of the next game.

There are rumors that this will be the first time we truly understand the next-generation game console PS5, and Sony has been very stingy in details. There are also plans to launch a series of games that will excite many fans.

But the decision to postpone at this event was praised by many Twitter users.

Although we are very happy to see Sony products, we have been waiting for so long and I know we can all wait a little longer.

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