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To play Star Wars Battlefront II, your PC must meet at least the minimum specs provided by publisher EA, so as a first step, know exactly what hardware you have and pay close attention to the details of the processor, graphics card and RAM. . If you're not sure how to do this, you can check out our simple guide, which will walk you through the process.

From there, cross-reference your findings to our specifications listed below. Ideally, it should match the recommended specs for the best gaming experience, but in the case of Star Wars: Battlefront II, the minimum specs are sufficient to run the game beyond acceptable.

To simplify the reader process, we are developing a utility to automatically scan your machine to find its components. At the time of writing this article, it is not very suitable for use, but we will release an update once it is ready.

Star Wars Battlefront II is a first person shooter game with the theme of the Star Wars universe, set between the Force Awakens and the latest Jedi movie. This is the sequel to the 2015 Star Wars Battlefront series reboot. 4,444 players use a customizable character level system, vehicles, and location-based maps from the Star Wars series for fierce gun battles. The familiar faces in the form of Han Solo, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Leia Organa can be played in single-player campaigns, fast-paced arcade combat, or a series of online multiplayer games in different modes. The

single player campaign tells the story of Iden Versio, the leader of the Empire's elite squad after the second generation of the Death Star was destroyed. Morale is low and the empire is shattered, Versio must improve the fighting spirit of his troops, because he began a 30-year epic full of twists and turns, serving the emperor and fighting the rebel alliance. In addition to Versio, players can also play roles in the Star Wars universe, including Luke Skywalker, Kylo Ren, and Lando Carrisin. The multiplayer component of

Star Wars Battlefront II includes no less than 11 different modes that can be used by up to 40 players, such as Galactic Assault, Heroes Vs. Villains, Explosions, and Extractions.

Despite EA and DICE's shaky launch and the shady practices behind the game's monetization system, Star Wars: Battlefront II is undergoing a comeback, in part due to an extensive patchwork and new content.

Unlike many games where the minimum specs are set too low to attract players and then disappoint them, Star Wars Battlefront II performs very well on the basic specs. At 1080p, by pushing the settings to speed, gamers can get a stable 25-30 FPS stability.

EA and DICE do a good job of providing a large number of tuning options, and it is entirely possible to reduce some settings to increase FPS considerably, even insignificantly. A small adjustment, such as jumping to a medium to high setting, will bring the FPS closer to 60, if not more. Battlefront II can scale well on lower spec systems, which shows DICE's good optimization work.

As for the recommended specifications, you can get a stable 7080 FPS at ultra 1080p settings, and at the same time, even if you increase the resolution to 1440p, you can achieve a respectable 50 FPS. Again, play around with these settings, and even if you jump in high production, you will get an FPS between 10-20 FPS.

16GB RAM is also very high by current standards, as are the requirements for Core i5 and I7, but a reasonable GPU needs to be buffered. When it was released, the requirements were very demanding, but in the following years, the hardware technology, especially in the GPU, has developed to such a degree that the demand for 3GB GTX 1060 is no longer as high as before. The

recommended specifications above are basically everything you need to make the most of Star Wars Battlefront II. However, for the sake of example and to promote those high 1440p FPS; our goal is the following configuration.

Our $600 is a good foundation for Star Wars Battlefront II, especially if your budget is limited. Pricing is interesting, partly because of the equivalent AMD protection, which is known to be more user-friendly compared to its Intel and NVIDIA counterparts.

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