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Stalker 2 (or S.T.A.L.K.E.R.2: Chernobyl Heart gives it the right title) is slated to launch exclusively on Xbox Series X and S and Windows PC on April 28, 2022, and PlayStation will launch in 3 months. The publisher provided us with some official minimum and recommended system requirements, proving that Stalker 2 is a very demanding game. Also, we generally recommend that consumers always assume that the power required for good FPS performance is slightly higher than official requirements suggest, because publishers tend to underestimate things to a certain extent in order to sell more units.

If you do not know the current PC specifications to compare with the listed requirements, we recommend that you read the guide on how to find your PC specifications. If you find that your current machine is not sufficient, we recommend that you refer to the bottom of this page. We have listed a few PC versions that can easily be played with different settings.

If you want to buy a copy of Stalker 2, please check Eneba near the game launch for some of the best prices.

STALKER 2 seems to be an improved version of the previous Stalker game, with greatly improved graphics, and 64 square kilometers of dark and contemplative post-apocalyptic Pripyat to explore (there is no loading screen this time!) . In terms of gameplay, we haven’t seen any difference from previous games (shooting bandits, avoiding anomalies, finding artifacts, fighting with terrible mutants that can be invisible in the destroyed laboratory), although with more games We hope the developers will be pleasantly surprised when the details are released. We have some new features. The

Stalker 2's minimum settings at 1080p resolution may require a $1,000 self-built PC to get a good FPS. If you set the graphics preset to the maximum, a self-built PC of US$2,000 would be more suitable. If you plan to play in 4K resolution, the cost of a self-built PC is US$3,000.

If you don't want to build your own computer, a pre-built gaming PC costing less than $ 1,000 should be able to play at low 1080p settings. Again, if you want to push things to higher graphics presets then you will need 2,000 pre-built for 1080p games, and for 4K games you need something more powerful than that.

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