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Square enix returns nvidia geforce now

Square Enix released a new trailer for "Final Fantasy VII Remake" at the Tokyo Game Show.

Although the last time we saw "Final Fantasy VII Remake" at E3 was completely immersed in the battle of the upcoming remake, this trailer is more cinematic and reveals the work done by Square Enix . Everything looks absolutely stunning and delves into the weird aspects of Final Fantasy VII.

focuses on the slums and wall market areas of Midgar, and the trailer contains a lot of dizzying details in a short period of time.

First of all, we first see a new sword-wielding rider character. He has flowing blond hair and is only called a "soldier", which suggests that he may be related to Crowder's military history. We don’t yet know if it has a major impact on the overall narrative of the game, or if it plays a smaller role.

Speaking of characters, Don Corneo, Midgar's filthy lord, has the most pleasant animated hair. Renault and Rudd also appeared briefly, and President Shinra made a cameo on a towering hologram.

We received battle fragments. The highlight is the use of Shiva, Odin, and Ifrit's call to battle, which is a much-loved aspect of the original in the 1990s. Seeing them rendered with modern technology is a big enjoyment for fans of the original version. Claude also briefly turned into a true Final Fantasy-style frog.

Finally, to make real use of the most unique elements of the game, let's take a look at some small games, including darts and button track practice programs. The

Final Fantasy VII remake is scheduled to be released on PlayStation 4 on March 3, 2020.

Final Fantasy VII remake pre-order.

Square Enix is planning a plot release, starting with the first game focusing on the Midgar event and then continuing to tell the story. To our understanding, each episode is almost a standalone title, which should greatly extend the playing time and length of the original 1997 release.

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