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Square Enix announced today at Gamescom that the release date for "Final Fantasy VIII Remake" is much earlier than expected on September 3. The Japanese publisher kindly put together a new trailer for the release date presentation.

was announced at this year's E3 and released this year. This timeless remake of the RPG classic features improved graphics, including improved textures and revamped character and monster models, adding a distinctly modern finish to the game.

Square Enix didn't stop there as it added some customization improvements in the form of three new modes. Rest assured, the game's central narrative and charming atmosphere remain the same.

Battle Assist maximizes HP and ATB bars, and unlimited use of Limit Break makes conflict easier. The no-encounter mode allows you to explore the rich world of Final Fantasy VIII without worrying about random encounters. Finally, 3x Speed Boost makes time go faster, which is perfect for those who want to avoid prolonged running-in or annoying boss battles.

If you choose the Steam version, there are other functions to play, including all items (as the name suggests, it provides players with all items except some selected game items), all skills, Max Gil, GF Max levels, maximum magic, All the cards and all the limitations of the triple triad break through the mini card game. The

Final Fantasy VIII remake will be launched on Steam PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch within two weeks starting today (September 3). Pre-orders are currently in progress and grant access to some exclusive wallpapers and themes for PlayStation 4.

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